Reanne Evans on narrow Mark Allen defeat: I’m proud, I’ll get there one day

Reanne Evans from Stoke and Mark Allen from Liverpool met in the EDF Energy Cup Final match at Wembley Stadium. Reanne Evans was the winner of the game and celebrated with her team mates in the dressing room. Reanne Evans said: ” I’m proud, I’ll get there one day.” Mark Allen said: “I’m disappointed. I’m not going to stop.”

Reanne Evans is the new European Commissioner for Transport, a post she has held since July 2009. Reanne is a UK citizen and a member of the Conservative Party, so the appointment of as UK citizen to the post of EU Commissioner for Transport is a bit like finding a unicorn in the British Parliament. She was a close ally of David Cameron and his leadership team. Reanne was born in the UK and is now the second most senior British politician in the EU post after the President of the European Commission.

Reanne Evans beat her opponent Mark Allen by just 39 votes in the 2017 Autumn General Election, just two months after losing the Ashfield seat in last year’s General Election by 6,000 votes.

Reanne Evans

Reanne Evans was on the verge of defeating Mark Allen. (Photo credit: Zhai Zheng)

Reanne Evans is pleased with her performance in her close and heartbreaking loss to her ex-partner Mark Allen, and believes she will one day triumph in a major television tournament.

The couple played each other 13 years after they had broken up, but their relationship had become bitter.

Evans snubbing a fist bump from Allen at the outset of the game reinforced what was anticipated to be a chilly, if not downright hostile, environment for the match, and there was no acknowledgment at the conclusion of the game as well.

The match itself seemed to be going Reanne’s way, as she went 2-1 up in the short race to three and then built up a significant lead in the fourth session, coming within a hair of winning the match twice.

But she couldn’t quite cross the finish line, and Allen came back to tie the game and eventually win it.

Evans was attempting to make the most of the unusual circumstance of taking on an ex on live television for the first time since the epidemic started, but acknowledged it was tough, at least at first.

‘I just wanted to enjoy it,’ she said. ‘I tried to embrace the audience; obviously, I haven’t played much in front of crowds in the past year or so, so I figured I’d try to enjoy it and calm down quickly, but I was a little…jabby in the first frame-and-a-half.

‘You have to make the most of a terrible circumstance,’ she says. ‘I was trying to concentrate on myself, then tone it down a little bit and do what I want on the table, and I’m pleased of how I performed out there.’

‘I couldn’t feel my legs, arms, nothing for the first frame-and-a-half,’ she told ITV. ‘I don’t know how the first pots got in.’

‘After that, I was very pleased, I settled down a little bit, I was a little taken aback by a few of misses, but great players do what they do, and you have to appreciate that at the end of the day.’ I’m devastated, yet proud at the same time.’

An unlucky cannon into two reds after potting a blue in the fourth frame may have lost her the match, and she was clearly bothered with it.

‘Eurgh, I thought, “just pot the blue, you’ve got the cannon, you’re certain to be on something, you should be on anything,” and it couldn’t have fallen in a more uncomfortable place,’ she said.

‘I missed a few, then I assumed I had a heavy contact; it might have simply been me, but they never forgive you, do they?

‘I’ll get there eventually.’ I’m tired of losing these game-changers.’

Reanne Evans

For the next two seasons, the 12-time women’s world champion will compete on the professional circuit. (Photo credit: Zhai Zheng)

Evans claims she was instructed not to anticipate any kind of handshake before to the match, so she went about her business as planned when she went to break off in the first set.

‘I was informed at the beginning that there would be no handshakes or anything, so I planned out in my mind how I was going to start the match and visualize the match and everything, so I just walked right to the table,’ she said.

‘Perhaps they didn’t tell him, but I was informed that because of Covid, it’s different from the Championship League, and that everything has gone back to how it was before, or at least that’s how I interpreted it.

‘So I knew how I was going to start the match in my mind, so I simply did it.’ I simply focused on myself; it was a difficult match to be a part of, and I’m pleased of how I handled it, but at the end of the day, all I cared about was myself.’

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