Lonnie Kocontes Now: Where Is Micki Kanesaki’s Ex Today?

Miki Kanesaki Lonnie Cocontes


Miki Kanesaki and Lonnie Cocontes

Lonnie Loren Cocontes, 62, has been accused of strangling his ex-wife, Miki Canesaki, 52, during a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea and of throwing her body overboard to profit financially from her death. He reported him missing the next day, but his body was found on the 27th. May 2006, and an autopsy showed that she was dead before she entered the water, writes WFTV9.

Cocontes, a former California lawyer, was arrested in February 2013 after a lengthy investigation and charged with his murder when he tried to transfer a million dollars from his ex-wife’s accounts to his own. Cocontes’ third wife, who was his ex-wife at the time, testified that he told her about the plan to kill Kanesaki.

The 15th. June 2020 Cocontes was convicted of murder for financial gain, reported NBC Los Angeles.

Cocontes was recently convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Cocontes was convicted of murder in June 2020 after a jury trial that lasted only about an hour and took place on the 18th. September 2020 sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, reported NBC Los Angeles. Cocontes was also accused of trying to recruit someone to kill his ex-wife, Nguyen, so she couldn’t testify against him, but those charges were dropped because of his life sentence, the Orange County Register wrote.

NBC Los Angeles reported that Kanesaki’s brother, Toshi Kanesaki, told Kokontes at the sentencing hearing: You, Lonnie, executed my sister on that Mediterranean cruise ship…. You strangled Miki… then you threw her body overboard like a garbage can…. You’re a mean criminal, a bad man, a cold-blooded killer, a sociopath.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said: Coconte almost got away with murder. Except he strangled her to death before he threw her body overboard. Because she died before she hit the water, her lungs were filled with air, not water.  So she floated.  And miraculously his body was discovered, according to the press release.

Cocontes is currently being held in the Theo Lacy centre, a maximum-security prison complex, as evidenced by public records. It detains prisoners accused of various crimes, as well as convicts such as Cocontes, before they are transferred to a state prison.

The trial against Coconte dragged on for years when the court debated the possibility of holding the trial in California.

The Public Prosecutor of Irvine, sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his wife on a cruise ship Lonnie Cocontes, was convicted of the murder of his ex-wife and throwing her body overboard on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea. Amy Johnson reports.2020-09-18T19:37:11Z

The case was very delayed, and it took 14 years after Kanesaki’s murder and seven years after his arrest to convict and sentence Cocontes. The trial was initially delayed for several years because it was unclear whether the Orange County Prosecutor’s Office could move the case forward, as the murder took place in international waters and outside its jurisdiction. The case finally moved on because prosecutors argued that Cocontes had planned the murder in Orange County, according to the registry.

After the start in February 2020, the process was further delayed halfway through, because the COWID-19 pandemic led to the closure of the courtrooms. The procedure was resumed a few months later with new measures, writes the Registry. Cocontes tried several times to represent himself instead of a public defender, but was refused.

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