Coronavirus infections cross 11 million in the US with one million in the last week

This deadly coronavirus comes from Wuhan, China, and the number of infections in America has exceeded 11 million. The virus hit the world in early 2020 and rewrote our way of life. Because of the contagious nature of the disease and the lack of known drugs or agents, a number of guidelines have been developed.

The aim was to prevent the spread of the virus through physical contact. To do this, people need to wear masks, avoid crowded places and maintain a social distance. The axe fell on the business world from film and other entertainment to sports and travel.

Airlines have anchored, cruise ships have anchored and hotels and restaurants have lowered their blinds.

Employers wanted to maintain continuity of work and asked employees to work from home. It was a new work culture. The goal was general security. This is a global pandemic and infection and mortality rates need to be reduced. However, they continue to grow for various reasons. In this context, it is interesting to note that Taiwan fought the coronavirus without local infection for 200 consecutive days. If they can do it, so can others.

According to the Mirror of Britain, 11 million Americans are now infected. A million of them were last week. The number of deaths has risen to 250,000.

The authorities must take strict measures to test the growing trend while the world waits for a return to normal. The coronavirus pandemic forced Disney to announce the resignation of one of its human resources departments. The entertainment industry is also at sea, as the Rio Carnival of 2021 was another victim of the coronavirus.

Urgent measures to counter the threat of the coronavirus

President-elect Joe Biden’s top advisors call for urgent action on the pandemic. They warn that delaying the transfer of power could undermine control of the threat and become an obstacle to fighting the rabid virus.

Mirror UK quotes the EA : These are very dangerous times. This is Dr. Michael Osterholm, member of Biden’s advisory board for VIDOC-19.

It warns that immediate action is required to control the jump. He doesn’t underestimate his words when he adds something to them: Our future is in our hands.

Smooth Power Transition for Coronavirus Test

Mirror UK points out that the number of cases that exploded last month has increased recently. The numbers have risen in two weeks from eight million to nine million cases. Later, in less than ten days, another million were added and in eight days the number reached 11 million. Donald Trump avoided face masks and stayed in the hospital for a few days after the infection.

Joe Biden, however, advocated its widespread use. The time has come for the transfer of power and delays must be avoided. Member of the White House Medicine Task Force

Anthony Fauci loves the transition to the relay race. Operations must continue uninterrupted.

Corona viruses can be treated

According to CNN, we have to fight the advice of the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, on the coronavirus: Don’t share the air and don’t do anything stupid. The people in power have to solve this problem. Government officials may take tough measures, but people have to change their behaviour. It could be a rich dividend, not a closure.

Eric Garcetti says everyone should take precautions. People are aware of this, and today they are wiser than in March. You should follow the basic recommendations to avoid any possibility of infection.

Scientists work overtime to develop a vaccine, but it’s a long process.

While waiting for the vaccine, people should wear a face mask, avoid crowds and maintain a social distance for personal and public safety reasons.

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