Rebekah Vardy apologises for comparing Peter Andre penis to chipolata’

Rebekah Vardy apologises for comparing Peter Andre penis to chipolata’
Rebekah Vardy apologises for comparing Peter Andre penis to chipolata’

Wardie’s claims against Chipolat were included in the court documents (Photo:Rex – Splash).

Rebecca Vardi apologized for comparing the penis of former Peter Andre with a miniature chipolot.

The star of Ice Dancing commented on the 2004 kiss and gave an interview in which Mysterious Girl laughed at the singer after being alone with him one night.

The 38-year-old has now stated that she apologized to Peter for the remarks in a 59-page document filed by her team of lawyers with the Supreme Court in his libel action against Colin Rooney.

The document reads as follows: It is admitted that the complainant kissed The News of the World magazine in 2004 when he was 22 years old and told about him.

The applicant regrets that he allowed this interview and apologises to Mr André.

The complainant had a difficult relationship with her ex-husband and felt pressured by him to give the article to the newspaper.

Rebecca said in an interview that she had slept with Peter when her marriage to her first husband Mark Godden ended, but that she was not satisfied with the attempt.

she says: I thought he was a wonderful lover. Then he took off his pants!

He was the worst lover I ever had. It wasn’t even worth taking the train.

Peter was small. Those are the smallest pants I’ve ever seen. It was like a miniature chipolat.

Peter, who married Emily McDonagh in 2015 and was previously married to Kathy Price, has never made any public statements.

Even in the documents filed by Becky’s legal team, her lawyers claim that Colin was killed for the infamous social networking site It’s……….. Colin sent a congratulatory message to the WAG at the time. Rebekah Vardy’s report.

Lawyers say Colin Rebecca congratulated on this brilliant news. I hope you’re okay X.

They claim that Colin knew that if she read the document, her Instagram email would be printed immediately and everywhere in social media, radio and the press: Given the seriousness of the charges against plaintiff, it was clear to defendant that plaintiff would be exposed to extreme insults and hostility if defendant exposed her in public.

Rebecca’s official response came before the women’s negotiations at the last minute, hoping that the summit would avoid the slanderous process next year.

The legal teams of both parties will decide in the coming days on the mediator, the place and the date of the personal negotiations.

Each party will have a separate room, while a third room will be used to try to reach an agreement between Rebecca and Colin to avoid a five-day trial next year.

The stars have until eight o’clock. February is the time to come to an agreement, otherwise they have to appear in court next year.

Last month, the judge ruled in Rebecca’s favour, recognizing that Colin had put her finger on Rebecca as the place of the wine and that the bill was insufficient, and ordered the mother of the four children to pay £22,913.50 in legal fees.

Colin claimed that Rebecca Vardi’s story was responsible for spreading false stories about her to the press after she set up a well-thought-out program to find out who was missing the false stories she had planted in her own story.

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