Players who rose or fell a level in the last ‘MLB The Show 20’ ratings update

Players who rose or fell a level in the last ‘MLB The Show 20’ ratings update
Players who rose or fell a level in the last ‘MLB The Show 20’ ratings update

With the end of the 2020 season, MLB has updated The Show for the last 20 of the 30 years. October player ranking for this year’s game. This will be the last article of its kind until MLB The Show 21 arrives. This should be the first version of the game available for PC, Xbox and Nintendo.

Here is the list of players from the last rating update who have gone up or down to a certain level (those who went from general to bronze or from bronze to general are not included). The hero of the post-season 2020 saw his live card series go from bronze to diamond. This update of the odds of winning mainly concerned the cards that reached this level, because only one player saw his odds of winning drop in the article.

With another World Series victory, five members of the Dodgers saw their ticket levels rise.

All evaluation updates can be found under The Show Nation.


Diamond gold

  • Giancarlo Stanton, Yankees (LF) – 84-87.
  • Blake Snell, full (SP) 84 to 86.
  • Tim Anderson, White Sox (SS) – 82 to 85.
  • George Springer, Astros (CF) – 84 to 85.
  • Walker Bueller, Dodgers (JV) – 83 out of 85.

Despite the fact that Stanton was injured most of his time with the Yankees, this year this is not the case during the off-season. According to, he was the first player to make a homerun in the team’s first five playoff games and the fourth player to make a homerun in five consecutive playoff games.

From bronze to diamond

  • Randy Arozarena, breed (CF) 74 over 85 years old.

Surprisingly, the Arozarena will still have the right to win the A.L. Rookie of the Year title in 2021. There was an age limit for the 25-year-old boy, as he was called ALCS MVP and shot 10 people with 69 bats.

Silver is gold.

  • Framber Valdez, Astros (JV) – 79-83.
  • Max Muncey, Dodgers 1B-79-83.
  • Julio Urias, Dodgers (SP) – 77 – 82.
  • Lance McCullers Jr., Astros (SP) 78-81.
  • Manuel Margo, flight (CF) 77-81.
  • Glebert Torres, Yankees (SS) 78-80.
  • Travis d’Arnault, Brave (C) – 79 to 80.
  • Kyle Tucker, Astros (LF) – 79 to 80.

After a solid performance in the regular season (3.57 ERA, 1.12 WHIP in 70.2 sets), Valdez did better in the off-season.

In 24 sets, he had only five earned jogging rounds (1.88 ERA) and placed 26 bets.

Bronze on gold.

  • Ian Anderson, Brave (SP) – 74 to 80 years old.

Anderson, who made the third overall choice in 2016, certainly didn’t disappoint the Atlanta fans in his first big league experience. The 22-year-old player has an average of PLAR 1.95 in six regular seasons and minus PLAR 0.96 in four play-offs.

From bronze to silver

  • A.J. Miner, Brave (PR) – 72-78
  • Willie Castro, Tiger (SS) – 73-77.
  • Lucas Sims, Red (RP) – 72-76.
  • Jock Pederson, Dodgers (LF) 72-76.
  • Jose Uriquidi, Astros (JV) – 74-76.
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Blue Jays (3B) – 74-76
  • Tyler Matzek, Brave (RP) – 71-75.
  • Ke’Brian Hayes, Pirates (3B) – 72-75.
  • Dustin May, Dodgers 74-75.
  • Chad Pinder, Athletics (LF) – 72-75.
  • Brandon Kintzler, Marlins (RP) 66-75.

While Pederson’s regular season 2020 was unforgettable, he helped the Dodgers win this year’s World Series. He scored 7-18 (.389) in the NLCS and 4-10 (.400) in the World Series.


Silver in bronze

  • Dellin Bets, Mets (RP) – 79 to 72.

A four-time All-Star, Betances served in a single game for the Yankees in 2019.

When he joined the Mets in 2020, he couldn’t find a license plate for run 11.2, which goes to 12, but refused 10 runs.

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