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When the Pepper bra first came out, a lot of people thought it was pretty cool, and the fact is that a lot of women have been thrilled by the bra in the way that you are the same about a pair of new shoes. The problem is that the Pepper bra is very expensive, and not many women can afford it. If you are told that you can only buy one bra with the money you save on the Pepper bra, then you should definitely buy a bra that actually fits you. It is a very good idea for you to choose a bra which is comfortable and supports as it is very important for you to avoid back and side pain.

A pepper bra is a garment that is worn next to the skin, but it is not made out of pepper (hence the name). I’ve never heard of one before, but they seem to be quite popular in some parts of the Middle East.

A product review from CNN about a bra that is made from a type of chili pepper. This product is made from chili peppers that have been grown in Mexico.


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It’s a quest to find the perfect bra for you, no matter what size you are. When you throw in the additional challenge of having a smaller chest, it may be not only difficult, but also unpleasant and degrading. Being forced to wear push-up bras at department stores, doubling up or stuffing bras, or even believing something is wrong with your body since it isn’t reflected in popular media? All of these events were shared by my sister and myself, two IBTC members.

Finding a comfortable, flattering, and well-fitting bra, like many others, seemed like a needle in a haystack to me. My sister likes to shop for bras, but she’s constantly on the lookout for something more comfortable and attractive to her particular figure.

So when I heard about Pepper, I knew it was something we both needed to try. Pepper makes bras especially for women with AA, A, and B cup sizes. My sister, who is a 32AA, is on the lower end of the range, while I, who am a 34B, am on the bigger end. We all desire different things from our bras, so I was interested to see how a company like Pepper would be able to satisfy those of us with smaller chests across the board, even with a narrower variety of sizes.

There were two major reasons why I was so excited to try Pepper, and (spoiler warning) why I’m such a fan of the brand. The first are the goods themselves. Bras frequently don’t fit those of us with smaller chests, according to Pepper, since they weren’t intended for us. According to the company, the intimates industry designs for a 36C, while Pepper creates for AA, A, and B sizes. What does this mean in terms of how the brand’s bras are made?

The first difference is that Pepper’s bra cups are shallower, which means you won’t have any irritating bra gaps, which is one of my greatest pet peeves with other bras. The company also utilizes a little smaller underwire (because to the fact that smaller breasts need less support) and has adjusted the wire’s length and curve for comfort. Finally, for a more natural appearance, Pepper uses minimal padding. Instead of using unpleasant heavy padding and push-up designs to make your boobs seem larger than they are, the company encourages you to embrace your natural form and size.

The brand’s attitude, which is all about accepting and appreciating your body, is another reason I was attracted to Pepper. Pepper CEO and co-founder Jaclyn Fu said in a recent interview with CNN Underscored that the company was “formed from the agony, and ultimately the love I have for my own body and learning how to appreciate it exactly as it is.” And that the brand “exists to remind everyone that it is the industry, not your body, that has to change.” Traditional bra manufacturers and pop culture have conditioned us to think that sexiness requires a lot of cleavage, and Pepper wants to dispel that myth.

Knowing this, it’s no wonder that Pepper designs and sells a wide variety of sizes for people with smaller chests of various shapes and sizes. Most plus-size shops in the United States start with a C cup size, perpetuating the myth that plus-size women must have bigger breasts, which is simply not true. 38AA, 38A, 38B, 40AA, and 40A are some of the bigger bra sizes Pepper provides.

When it comes to purchasing bras online, sizing is always a challenge. Fortunately, Pepper’s website includes both a Size Quiz and a Fit Guide, giving you two options for determining your ideal size. The Size Quiz asks you a few questions about how your current best-fitting bra fits and then recommends a size based on your answers. My best-fitting bra is a 34B, and the quiz verified that. My sister’s findings indicated that Pepper didn’t have a bra size that would suit her best at the time she completed the quiz, for whatever reason. This was not the case, as the size she eventually selected — a 32AA — turned out to be the ideal fit for her.

If you don’t have a good-fitting bra or are beginning from fresh when it comes to selecting your ideal size, Pepper’s Fit Guide may help. They suggest a size based on your ribcage and breast dimensions. I was shocked to discover that the Fit Guide recommended a 34A for me, despite the fact that I was certain it would be too tiny. I settled on a 34B, which turned out to be ideal. When my sister utilized the Fit Guide, the size they recommended turned out to be her exact size, and she bought it.

In conclusion, both measuring instruments should be used. If you’re still uncertain about your size after that, I’d suggest going with your regular size (because Pepper’s bras aren’t that different in terms of fit from conventional sizing). If anything, they are a little on the big side, but not noticeably so. If you’re able to buy more than one size — maybe to try on your “sister size” — Pepper provides free returns and exchanges for 30 days, so you won’t be putting anything at danger if you wish to try on several bras. You may also contact one of Pepper’s fit experts through email, who will guide you through the process and answer any particular questions you may have.

Wear Pepper’s Mesh All You Bra ($50)

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Pepper’s Mesh All You Bra is the brand’s best-selling item, with over 4,300 reviews and a 4.69-star rating. It’s the ideal daily bra: it’s very flattering, comfy, and the fit is great. It provides plenty of support and lift, much more than any of my previous bras. As someone who usually wears bralettes, I like how light and airy this bra is. The variety of colors is suitable for almost all skin tones, and the limited-edition neon hue, Beam, adds just the right amount of vibrancy. The main difference between the Classic All You Bra and this one is the mesh on the side. It’s very comfy, breathable, and adds a fun and somewhat sexual element to the outfit.

Wear Pepper’s Classic All You Bra ($55)

The Traditional All You Bra is essentially the same as the Mesh All You Bra, but it has a super-soft trim that looks more like a classic bra. The fit and support are same, and because the trim is perhaps more comfortable than the mesh, it will most likely be the bra I wear most frequently.

Wearpepper’s Limitless Wirefree Scoop Bra ($50)

The Limitless Wirefree Scoop Bra is perfect for anybody who like bralettes. It’s very comfy, and it’s much more stylish than plain cotton bralettes. The style is really fashionable, and it reminds me of athleisure and other sports bra styles. As someone who removes her bra as soon as she enters the house, this is one you won’t feel compelled to remove. You can certainly get away with wearing this instead of a conventional underwire bra since it’s both comfortable and supportive. It’s a pajama bra and a low-impact workout bra, according to my sister. One thing to keep in mind is that the cushioning is detachable. My sister liked the bra with the padding, but I preferred the fit and support of the bra without it.

Wearpepper Laidback Lace Bra ($55)

The Laidback Lace Bra has Pepper’s trademark fit, with lace trim instead of mesh or the soft trim of the Classic All You Bra. While the fit and design were perfect for me, my sister was unhappy with the form, which differed from Pepper’s other bras. It didn’t look as well on her as the other bras we tried, and the connection between the cups wasn’t as good. The lace material felt a little scratchy, and although it was comfortable, it wasn’t as smooth as we had hoped for the price. However, with over 1,600 reviews and a 4.67-star rating, this bra might be perfect for you.

Wearpepper’s Everyday Lace Bralette ($40)

The Everyday Lace Bralette is a basic triangular bralette with no lining. The lace is stunning, and the broad band is very smooth and velvety. It has a flexible, triple-layered lining that offers just the right amount of coverage while being lightweight. My sister has been wearing this constantly, despite the fact that I like a little more coverage and support for daily use. It’s very cute layered over a V-neck T-shirt. One sizing note: based on my 34B cup size, I was suggested a small, but I believe a medium would have fit better. If you’re in between sizes, I’d recommend going up a size in this bralette, which comes in sizes XXS to XL.

All You Bikini by Beam ($14;

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Pepper currently only has one kind of underwear, the limited-edition Beam Mesh All You Bikini. It has mesh panels and a super-cute neon lining and waistband that go with the Beam Mesh All You Bra, which is limited-edition. It’s ridiculously fluffy, very comfy, and adorable. I’d love to see Pepper’s underwear come in a variety of nude colors, various shapes, and perhaps a seamless version, since they’re a complete winner.

We have seen some pretty interesting Pepper bras over the last few years, but the latest creation from (news) is probably the most interesting. The Pepper bra is different because it is fully removable, which is a first for Pepper. When we first tried the bra on we were a bit sceptical, but the more we looked at it, the more we liked it.. Read more about pepper bra reviews all you and let us know what you think.

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