Kansas’ Jalen Wilson and the top positionless players in college basketball

The Kansas Jayhoks seemed to have the talent to win a second Bill Self national title last season before the NCAA tournament was cancelled for fear that COWID-19 had robbed the hosts of their dream of a championship title. This Jayhawks team has introduced a new self-image, a four-man team with a great man, Udoka Azubuike, in colour.

This season? Self is even smaller and uses a formation in which Jalen Wilson, the versatile 6-foot, 8-kilometer flanker in front of him, poses an internal threat throughout the game. Wilson played a key role in his team’s 65-61 victory on Saturday at North Dakota with 14 points and 15 rebounds, putting the Rocky Kreuser of North Dakota on the brakes, who was 2.5 meters out with 10 points after the game.

Wilson is one of the most powerful players in America, and he has no real position. It’s getting more and more common in college basketball, I said myself.

I think the NBA is somehow showing us that this is the wave of the future, he said.

While Wilson and Kansas compete against Creighton (5 p.m., ET, ESPN) and his own No Positions leader, Damien Jefferson, here is a list of some of the top No Positions players who have already influenced the hierarchy of college basketball clubs.

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Jelen Wilson, Kansas: Wilson can play three, four or five. On Saturday, he defeated the NDSU, defended several points, led the team in quick breaks, scored a goal from the bow and played great with his strong turn to reach the edge. It’s incredibly important for a Kansas team that’s constantly moving toward defense. Previously, the Hawks were much more defensive with Wilson on the ground because they had to give up a fifth of their opponent’s possessions and only got 85 points for every 100 possessions from hopelens.com.

He’s just a competitor, said Kansas striker Christian Brown. He doesn’t care where [Self] puts him.


Damien Jefferson, Creighton: He’s not Creighton’s best player, but Jefferson is definitely one of the main opponents on the list. It can protect players from the opponent’s position, but is fast enough to defend the perimeter. One of his team’s best games 93:58 against Kennesaw State on Friday? Jefferson, weighing 6 foot 5 and 220 pounds, caught a pass at the top of the key and stopped the lightning with one hand on the other side. The Bluejays are a difficult game for any team in the country with Jefferson (10.0 PPG, 3.7 RPG, 2.3 APG) on the field.


Jeremiah Robinson Earl, Villanova: What can you do with a 9-metre striker who can put the ball on the ground and easily make his own dribble? After the loss of Sunday 68-64, Texas could not have known – Robinson Earl had 19 points, eight rebounds, two assists and a block. With Villanova leading 62:60 in the last minute of the game, the five Longhorns would be ready to help if Robinson Earl would go through the aisle after a pass on the free throw line. Instead, he found Germaine Samuels, who used the pressure on her teammate to cut a bucket between two defenders, increasing Villanova’s lead to four. Robinson Earl has also dipped the free-kick balls and made significant defensive savings on the court. Robinson Earl is one of the best players in the country.


Andrew Nembhardt, Gonzaga: Gonzaga’s 87-82 victory over West Virginia on Wednesday showed the value of Nembhardt, a transfer from Florida who won the tournament just before the start of the season. A 2.5 meter security guard helped Gonzaga maintain his attack rhythm after Jalen Saggs had his ankle injury on, an attempt that helped Nembhardt secure the player for the week-long celebration at the West Coast Conference.

With Nembhardt (19 points, six assists, five rebounds against West Virginia) Mark Maly has a defender he can use as a replacement for Suggs or play alongside a dynamic newcomer. Who wants to take care of this backyard in March? He’s not sensitive to big players in defense, and his combination of speed and size makes it difficult to stop Nembhardt as soon as he goes down the slope. Evidence? He did 80% of the perimeter photos, through hoop-math.com.


Myka Peewee, Texas Tech: He is a newcomer who still has a lot to learn, but Chris Beard has a special player in the Peavy. He has a high IQ in basketball, is strong, doesn’t waste time playing and is happy with his work on the field. In the Houston loss on the 29th… In November (64-53) the heaviest points (1.80 m) were mainly gravel, with reversed cuts, hard discs and forced pruning (12 points, four rebounds). He’s one of those athletes who may not have received much praise for his raw numbers, but he should get a lot of love from the analytical crowd.

The average weight is 6.8 PPG in just over 22 minutes per match. But Texas Tech scores an average of 117 points for 100 offensive possessions, forcing 26% of the land on a naked opponent – who shot 59% of his shots into the arch – through hopelens.com Synergy Sports thinks he’s a great defender. He could turn into a young Red Raider star.


Moses Moody, Arkansas: On Saturday, Moody Lipscomb beat 86-50 early in the game by 3 points. Towards the end of the first half he jumped from two meters away through the outstretched arms to help Lipscombe’s Ahsan Asadullah move forward. Eric Musselman has just given a newcomer who won the SEC prize earlier Monday the chance to use all his skills. With a height of two metres, Moody – who designed the second round in ESPN.com’s latest drama – is a deliberately large wing. He scored 38% of his 3 points and 86% of his free kicks, which should be maintained even if his team’s schedule gets tighter in the SEC game. He’s just a tightrope walker.


Joe Whiskamp, Iowa: Yes, he gives the floor to Luca Garza, but he also creates drama for his rival coaches. You can’t give Whiskamp too much room to shoot – a 6 by 12 feet from the 3 point line so far, and two years as a beginner, which was part of the 42% campaign that began in the 3rd quarter of 2009. With Garza and Whiskamp, Iowa has one or two combos that are hard to defend for any team in the country. The fact that Whiskampoo can swim comfortably or hit the rim when needed is an incredible advantage for Fran McCaffrey’s program. We can’t put Whiskamp in a box this season.


Cayontey Johnson, Florida: Covid-19 forced Florida to postpone their season, but the first three games were a shining example of what Johnson could become for Mike White’s team. A year after Johnson, who was expected to score 16, 24 and 19 points in the first three moves of his team in the first round of the last women’s game of the NBA, combined 38% of his three points, 60% of his archery and 77% of his free throw attempts. He can play as a traditional goalkeeper, but his athletics give him the opportunity to influence the game across borders. His title in the first half of the 86-40 victory over Stezon on Sunday is already one of my favorite performances of the year.

Anatomy of a 40 point race

In Sunday’s victory at Cleveland, Ohio, the NCAA set the NCAA record for that game with two first division teams with 101:46 points. In the second half of this historic game, an assistant from Ohio tried to attract the attention of head coach Jeff Bowles.

He said… Coach, do you want to go out with Jason Preston? The Boa’ulas remembered. That’s what I am: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Why is that? He said… Coach, we’re 47 points ahead. … I had no idea what was going on when it happened.

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From 1:41 in the first half, when Ohio took a lead of 46-25, to 8:03 in the second half – Ohio led 86-27 after a few free throws from Cleveland – the opponent did not score.

Boaly said that his team would enjoy the moment without overestimating it, because it is a rare thing.

In hindsight you can’t write something like that, he said. That should be good.

Boals said he was on the other side of an equally dominant effort. During the 2001/2002 season, he was Marshall’s assistant in the 116-76 loss to the state of Kent.

You sit there and see if they can do it the AAU way, he said, and you keep your eyes open.

The wild three-point explosion at Liberty goes through.

Liberty’s 4-2 record includes several victories over the SEC, Mississippi and South Carolina.

I was fascinated by the boxing coverage of these games. Liberty scored 65 3 points in these two games together and accounted for 46% of that total. On Saturday, Bluefield defeated the school of NAIA 86-64, with Liberty firing 43 shots.

Last season, about four out of ten shots returned three points to head coach Richie McKay. This year? Almost six out of ten. If this number is maintained, the program will have a 3 point KenPom record in attempts – a percentage of the team’s total field goals that is 3 points. But there’s something else: Freedom has also made 37% of its attempts, which are the 60 best in the country.

We just thought that it was the best [version of our attack] for this group, said McKay of the team change last year.

McKay told ESPN that Chris Parker and his other guards helped stabilize his attack after the 30-member winning team lost several veterans last year. Keegan McDowell and Elijah Caffy shoot more than 37% of the back of the bow.

McKay said he hopes his team can effectively take action against the Missouri bomb squad at their meeting on Wednesday. He didn’t give much information about his team’s offensive strategy. Judging by the numbers, he probably shouldn’t have.

I want to be as difficult as possible in intelligence work, he said.

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