What DAMWON Gaming winning Worlds 2020 means for the LCK and South Korea


DAMWON Gaming secured the Summer Cup this weekend with a 3-1 victory over Sun at the Legends League 2020 World Championships. This victory marks the return of the world championship title in South Korea in two years time. The national pride is not the only factor in this victory, as the Lemming Cup is more important for the region, which has been fighting for a long time.

SC Telecom T1’s first victory at the 2013 World Cup helped LCK to become the strongest region in the game. This marked the beginning of the era of Korean excellence in the League of Legends international tournaments from 2013 to 2017. Fans from all over the world are attracted to Lee Faker San Hyuk, the best player in the League of Legends thanks to his three World Championships. Unfortunately, however, the region as a whole has experienced problems in recent years due to the gloomy international indicators. The Samsung Galaxy could not defend its title in 2018. SKT failed to make a triumphant return to the finals. Other teams from the regions have also failed in international tournaments during this period.

The teams from China climbed to the top in Korea during this lean period. Invictus Gaming won the first world championship title in China in 2018. FunPlus Phoenix won this title last year for the second time in a row in this region. The Chinese national team was expected to win the third consecutive title this year, especially as the tournament was held in China.

It has become easy to throw away all the efforts of the region, many fans look to Faker to wear LCK alone. SKT’s inability to win the fourth world championship title only exacerbated the fall of the South Korean teams. The situation got even worse when they failed to secure a place at the World Cup in 2020. There was hope for a region with three teams that actually qualified for the World Championship. Surprisingly, all hopes of the LSC fans were placed on the team, which only entered the league in the spring of 2019.

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DAMWON participated in the tournament as the first LCK Seed Messenger and their greatest hope of winning the title. The pressure was on the young LCK team to win the title, with a handful of newcomers on the list. This was common at LOL Esports, where teams that had performed well in international tournaments were well deflated. DAMWON had a great summer season in the LCK, but the team has never played internationally. But despite their lack of experience in international tournaments, the young team will challenge the Lemming Cup. Their journey reflects the path SKT took when it won its first world championship title in 2013. DAMWON’s victory in Shanghai also goes back to the last LCK World Championship, which was also won in China.

Winning the DAMWON this year is more important for fans in South Korea and the LCK in general. It is fitting that the first decade of the legendary League competition ends with a victory for the LSC. There may have been some bumps in recent years, but LCK is strong with DAMWON at the wheel. Rookie World Champions may have many titles, but they will be remembered forever as the team that breathes new life into the LCK.

DAMWON games

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The return of the Lemming Cup to the LCK has indeed confirmed the region’s position as the best region in the world. It is difficult to contradict this statement, as LCK currently has five world championship titles. From now on only good things can be expected for LCK in the coming seasons. The Chronicler’s Cup serves as a beacon for all LCK players hoping to win their own world championship title. This was shown in particular by the general improvement of the situation in the Chinese region after their first victory in 2018.

It can also serve as inspiration or fuel for former world champions to challenge the League of Legends again. It remains to be seen how the former World Championship will regain its title after a long absence in the Grand Final. Baker is still the undisputed best player in the world. The question is whether he can still challenge for the fourth title or whether a new player will take his place as the most iconic player of the game.

The future for new players in the league is bright. Winning the DAMWON is the signal for the next group of stars in the League of Legends. This is the restart of the 11th season of the Legends League of Legends in 2021. All eyes will be on the LCK teams as we enter the new decade.

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