CFP Vs. CFA: What’s the Difference?

Many people asking questions about which one to choose. The CFP or the CFA … it’s a big difference. For the CFP, you need to have an intermediate level of French, the CFA, you need to have a good knowledge of French. … If you want to work as a trader, or consultant, or a PM, or a very important job in a bank or consultancy, with a CFP, then the CFA is an advantage.

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For those who are not aware, the CFP and CFA are two certification processes used to determine the proficiency and quality of a financial advisor. More than 1.5 million advisors are registered with the CFP Board and more than 430,000 advisors are registered with the CFA Institute, so you can see that the CFP Board and the CFA Institute are pretty big.

The field of finance is huge and people often get lost between the different certifications and courses that are available in this field. Today we will tell you about two of these certificates that have caught the attention of current and future generations. We’re sure you’re already familiar with the CFA course, which stands for Chartered Financial Analyst. Another course that is becoming increasingly popular is the CFP, which stands for Certified Financial Planner. We have received many questions about these two courses. Therefore, we decided to write an article explaining all the differences between the two courses.

So, first of all, CFA is about investing, asset allocation and portfolio management. You will learn all about active and passive portfolio management. It also teaches you about financial risk. Speaking of PSC: He teaches you financial planning techniques. Most of the financial advisors you meet are CFP certified. These people also work in banks and insurance companies and it is they who create the pension products.

In this article, we have discussed the main points of difference between the CFA and CFP. You can read these points and we are sure they will help you choose the right course. So, come and find out all the details now.

What is CFA?

The CFA, also known as Chartered Financial Analyst, is a professional certification program in finance. It is one of the most demanding certifications, and if you want to work in finance, the CFA can be considered the gold standard certification. During the certification, you will learn about portfolio management, fund management, hedge funds, capital appreciation and other important financial concepts. It is common for many graduates to opt for a CFA certification once they meet the qualification criteria. In the following chapters, we discuss the CFA in more detail.

What is the PSC?

As we said at the beginning, CFP stands for Certified Financial Planner, and this certification helps you plan for your financial well-being. CFP focuses primarily on investment planning and developing ways to achieve your financial goals. PSCs are responsible for helping clients achieve their long-term financial goals. They often conduct market research and advise clients on the structure of their investments based on their risk tolerance and objective.

Eligibility criteria

As for the selection criteria for CFA, there are a few things to look out for. You must have earned an official bachelor’s degree from a recognized university and the length of study must be four years. You can also have four or more years of experience in any field and be eligible to take the CFA exam. In India, many courses take 2 to 3 years. Dans ce cas, la combinaison de la formation et de l’expérience professionnelle doit être de 4 ans maximum. This qualifies you for the CFA program, but a passport is also required as proof of identity.

If you want to choose the PSC, you must have a permit. In addition to a bachelor’s degree, you must have 6,000 hours of relevant work experience. That means 3 years of experience. You can also complete 4,000 hours of training if you have not already completed 6,000 hours of training. That means two years of experience.

Body of the organisation

The CFA exam is administered in the United States by the CFA Institute. The CFP Board is the organizer of the CFP exam. These exams are organized in different countries, so you can benefit from them.

Sample survey

First you register with the Institute, then you are given time to prepare for the Level 1 exam. After you pass the Level I exam, you must take the Level II and Level III exams at the same level. You must wait a certain amount of time before you can move on to the next exam, and you must pass all exams to become certified. You will be pleased to know that the PSC has only one level of testing. This means that you will receive a certificate after passing the Level I exam. This is definitely an easier option than the CFA.

Durée du cours

As mentioned in the previous section, you will have to pass several exams to get your CFA certification. There is a certain waiting period between the two groups. Therefore, it is safe to say that it will take at least 4 years to get your CFA certification. If you increase the distance between the two exams, the length of the course increases. It was found that students generally complete the CFA in 6 years. The duration of the GVB course is three years. Since 6,000 hours of work experience is required, you need three years. Otherwise, you can pass the exam in one attempt if you prepare properly. So if you already have work experience in this field, the training period will be much shorter for you.


The CFA program varies depending on the level of exam you take. We can give you some information about the general subjects you will study during the CFA. Course: Alternative investments, corporate finance, derivatives, economics, equity investing, ethics and professional standards, financial reporting and analysis, fixed income, portfolio management, quantitative methods. For more information about the CFA program, please visit the official website.

In the PSC, you will learn about financial planning, education planning, investment planning, retirement goals, passive income planning, insurance planning, risk management, estate planning, tax planning, and financial planning. You will also learn about personal financial planning, which will help you a lot in life.

Course fee

CFA classes are made up of several elements. The total cost includes the annual membership fee, the examination fee and the material costs. They pay between $700 and $1,000 for each test. The one-time registration fee is $450. Assuming you register early for all the exams and pass them all in one attempt, you will spend about $2,550 in tuition. The cost of the PSC program is much lower if you do not take advantage of early registration, and can be as much as $3500. The cost of registration and testing ranges from $825 to $1025. If you register early enough, you can get certified for $825, but you will pay more if you register late.

Tasks and salary

With a CFA, it is easy to find a job in a relevant industry. As mentioned earlier, the CFA is considered to be a gold level certification, which makes it easy for you to find a job after the CFA. Recruiters are typically asset management organizations, hedge funds, banks, asset management organizations and consulting firms. There are also designations. Here are some titles that might interest you: Financial advisor, financial strategist, fund manager, investment analyst, investment manager, portfolio manager, private banker, account manager. There are many other names, but the ones mentioned here are the best known. Salary may vary depending on degree, experience and qualifications. The average can range from Rs 3.5 lakh a year to Rs 25 lakh a year.

As a PSC, you can have many designations. You can get a job as an estate planner, financial manager, retirement planner or even financial manager. You can also get a position in a constant finance department or end up as an employee trading or equity research. Many PSCs also work as financial analysts, as there is some overlap between PSCs and CFAs.


Many students have questions about the difficulty of the CFA exam. The CFA is a difficult degree, and according to a survey, only 10% of students pass the exam. Many drop out because of work commitments and the difficulty of the task. Level I is the most difficult CFA exam, and the difficulty level decreases at levels II and III. In comparison, the PSC is lighter. The pass rate for the PSC test is close to 60%, and up to 65% of those taking the test for the first time pass the PSC test.

Final assessment

There was all kinds of information about the CFA and CFP. You can choose a course based on your interests. If you want to have a thorough knowledge of the financial sector, you can opt for the CFA. However, if you want to get involved in financial planning, the PSC offers you the best opportunities. You can choose one of the courses based on your interests and your outlook on the financial field. Both options are interesting and will allow you to learn a lot as you progress in your career. The knowledge you gain in both courses can also be applied in everyday life.

The post CFP Vs. CFA : The post What’s the difference? appeared first on CoursesXpert.The CFP or Certified Financial Planner is the most popular designation in the financial planning world. The CFP recommends that you meet with a financial planner when planning your financial future. A Financial planner ensures that you have the best advice and information to help you get ready for retirement, save for your kids college, protect your assets and plan for your financial future. In the world of financial planning, professionals are always looking for ways to improve their clients’ financial portfolio by suggesting investments that match their risk profile.. Read more about cfp exam and let us know what you think.

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The CFA is harder than the CFP.

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