Sheffield United: ‘Pressure off’ but can Blades produce a miracle after finally winning?

Sheffield United celebrate Sheffield United now have five points from 18 games after their first win of the season.

After 186 days of frustration, Sheffield United finally had a sense of achievement that didn’t leave them alone, but it seems they’ve packed their bags and left the country.

Billy Sharp’s second penalty was enough to secure all three points against Newcastle on Tuesday night and give the Premier League’s bottom side a glimmer of hope of avoiding relegation, which they seemed to be looking to avoid in record time.

The win – Sheffield United’s first in 18 attempts in the Premier League this season – took their lead to five points and they now have a nine-point cushion.

Wilder is happy with the first win of the season for the Blades.

The gap is still significant – and they played at least one more game than their closest rivals – but Tuesday’s win gave United’s players something they felt they were losing – hope.

It feels good, says Blades boss Chris Wilder. We should have had more results, we know that, but the performance was good.

We played the way we have played the past few years.

We’ve had a lot of tough games and we’ll take them. I looked for my car keys and took up another sport when we threw them away to work overtime.

What the bottom of the Premier League table looks like

Can magazines make a big breakthrough?

Sheffield United had the worst start to the season in the English Premier League even after that win, so it will take an incredible turnaround to make another big leap forward.

The team’s total in 38 Premier League games is 34 – West Brom survived that mark in 2005.

Season Team Games Win Points
2004-05 Brom West 38 6 34
2008-09 The city of Hull 38 8 35
2009-10 West Ham 38 8 35
2019-20 Villa Aston 38 9 35
1999-2000 Bradford 38 9 36

The Baggies’ six wins this season are also the lowest number the team has ever achieved while staying on top.

To achieve these goals, Sheffield United will need to take 29 points from their last 20 games – a figure which, in itself, means they will probably need more than the Baggies’ six wins.

We are all written off – the pressure is off, striker Sharpe told Sky Sports.

We haven’t had a good time in the past few months, but now we have to hold our heads high. We’re good enough to do it.

West Brom fans stormed out after a 2-0 win over Portsmouth to seal an unlikely rivalry on the final day 2004-05 West Brom fans stormed out after a 2-0 win over Portsmouth to seal an unlikely rivalry on the final day 2004-05

So the survival rate starts now?

That’s the case, although American fans will want to enjoy Tuesday’s win a little longer before watching the upcoming games.

Jose Mourinho’s team will host Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday and then travel to the United States on Wednesday, January 27 to face Manchester United Premier League leaders before taking on Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium.

They don’t get stronger with increasing mileage. But if they manage to get the result of either shock, some may come to believe that the seemingly impossible is possible.

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