Yolanda’s ex-boyfriend Seiter reveals she might be trying to return on ‘90 Day Fiance’

Yolanda’s ex-boyfriend Seiter reveals she might be trying to return on ‘90 Day Fiance’
Yolanda’s ex-boyfriend Seiter reveals she might be trying to return on ‘90 Day Fiance’

Yolanda Lakes leads a fascinating love life after finishing her disappointing 90-day run in season four. An American reality TV star was involved in a world story during her time in the show. However, she caught the attention of fans of the 90-day-old bride after discovering that she was dating former bachelor candidate Josh Seiter. However, the couple split last month and Josh recently accused Yolanda of using it to give the 90-day-old groom another chance.

Yolanda would have broken off her engagement to Josh to be with another man.

In a recent interview with the weekly magazine In Touch, Josh said that Yolanda had used her relationship to make herself known in the hope that she would get another chance to play in the 90 Day Bride. The 33-year-old said he asked Yolanda to marry him because he really loved her.

However, their relationship ended after their engagement. Josh felt that Yolanda didn’t give him his love back and she started to ignore his calls and postpone answering his messages. The former bachelor finally discovered that her 52-year-old fiancé was having an affair with another man named Oscar Guigliotti.

Josh believes that Yolanda has taken advantage of her popularity to get another 90-day salary for the bride.

Josh met Yolanda about the relationship, and the former star guard, who lived for 90 days, admitted that Oscar is his best friend and that they live together. Josh decided to break up with the American reality TV star by putting the news of their breakup on his Instagram account.

According to Yolanda, 33, it was only interesting to meet him because she wanted to get more supporters for Instagram. Josh discovered that before he met Yolanda, he had an extensive social network. He stated that she intended to use her popularity to get another paycheck through her appearance on the show.

The former bachelor has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, compared to 96,000 on Yolanda. He said the only point in all this nonsense is that she’s trying to get another season [90-day fiancée]. An American reality TV star denied Josh’s accusations about his family’s intentions.

She hasn’t told her side of the story yet, but she has put pictures of her new boyfriend on her Instagram account. It’ll be interesting to see if Yolanda will be on the 90th. …on the wedding day. When they first appeared on a popular reality show, fans weren’t satisfied with their unsatisfying story. Yolanda insisted on continuing her relationship with her British friend Williams, even though she had never met him in person. At the end of the season, Yolanda confessed that she had been caught, but said she wouldn’t give up love. A 52-year-old reality star can come back to the show if she finds the right guy.

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