Games Inbox: Is buying a next gen console day one a good idea?

Games Inbox: Is buying a next gen console day one a good idea?
Games Inbox: Is buying a next gen console day one a good idea?

Are you going to join the next generation today? (Photo: Microsoft)

Next Tuesday we’ll be wondering if Microsoft FromSoftware or Capcom can buy if the player asks who played the Control on Nintendo Switch.

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As a counterargument to an anonymous reader who claimed that people like me were unreasonable when I bought PlayStation 5 on the first day, I’d like to say why I think he was wrong. I recently wrote a reader article explaining my situation a little. Even without the exclusive system of the PlayStation 5, I look forward to new features such as DualSense. It’s a little disappointing that Sony has given up its game development projects like Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the exclusive version of PlayStation 5, but I always enjoy the best version.

Let’s take the example of the computer disks. They often update their settings, I think, and probably for more money than I spend on PlayStation 5 and no new games. Of course 450 pounds is a lot of money, but people always spend a lot more on a new phone, it’s almost the same as before.

It makes sense for me to be an early adopter. The PlayStation 6 or anything else is unlikely to happen for at least five years or more. The price of PlayStation 5 may go down next year, but I’ll be using it for a year, which means I’ll get better value for money in the long term and benefit from additional PS Plus games like Bugsnax.

Another advantage of early adoption is that I maximized the money I sold my PlayStation 4 for. I got £210 by selling it with a few games I didn’t play anymore. That’s almost half the price of a new console. If I waited until next year, I would not be able to get that price, perhaps not sell sooner, because the PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility makes the PlayStation 4 almost obsolete.

Honestly, I know that there must be many people who visit this site often, who have had many difficult times lately and may be looking forward to it, and the new console is just a ticket. I don’t buy expensive clothes myself, I have a modest car and a cheap phone. Games are probably my only fault, and I’m sure I’ve probably had better luck this year, but I’m also pretty damn hard to get there. No matter which games are available at the time of launch, I know they will be available soon and I’m glad I didn’t miss them.

Market value
Why no duty is levied : Today’s war is still almost over, even though the last episode is coming soon? In the past, the last game was available in stores for about £20 on Boxing Day, but the lowest price level in the spring was about £30 for a few weeks.

It’s like Nintendo games where they never fall down. I should have been able to get it back for ten years now. Is the game so good that people don’t want to trade it in, or is there about 40 pounds left to make a new game for the next kind of console for 60 pounds, which seems like a good deal?
Igiveup79 (PSN ID)

HONG KONG: That’s always the price you have to pay, because people are willing to pay as much as they pay for Nintendo games. It depends on the companies, not the publishers.

The Gold Standard
Super is pleased to announce that my Xbox Series X arrived on Tuesday. I know there are no games to start with, but upward compatibility means I can make the most of my backlog. We just played a round against Witch 3 and wow, what a game!

Anyway, I have a question I hope you can answer, and I haven’t written much about it. A few months ago, Microsoft released a 12-month-old Live Gold, and everyone thought they would throw the gold out of the basket completely. Since I haven’t heard anything yet, should we still play Gold online? I know they’re pushing the Game Pass, but with my delay, I don’t need it now, so I hope there’s an even cheaper option.
Brutal blue

HONG KONG: Yeah, you still need the gold to play online. At the moment it is impossible to say whether this will change in the near future.

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Cloud Future
Interesting news from Nintendo Direct last week about the cloud versions of Control and Hitman. I wonder if anyone’s ever tried this before? I just took a 5G phone with a fixed data contract, so it might be interesting once the data usage numbers and speed requirements have been checked.

However, this suggests an interesting future for the switch ports. My two favorite games in the system are Witch 3 and Divinity: The original Sin 2 and the two ports are the minimum that can be removed while maintaining the full original gaming experience (the switch gets extra freedom through portability).

However, let’s assume that if Nintendo and CD Project Red The Witcher 3 outsource to a cloud server company to deliver a 60 fps version in native resolution, it will probably surpass all the benefits of the current paper version of Switch in all but niche applications (such as long-haul flights, which, let’s face it, in the COVID era for most people will not come back for a long time). Maybe I still play Cyberpunk 2077 at a garden bench (at the hotspot of the phone).

It is clear that they will always be collectors of printed copies, and given Japan, this will be the most important market for the conversion.

Best price
RE : Player Jack is talking about selling his PlayStation 4 game collection to pay for PlayStation 5.

I have to admit that I love collector’s editions and have bought a lot of them over the years, but lately I have streamlined my collection by keeping only the games I admire and play regularly.

However, if you are thinking about giving up your precious collection, I advise you to take an interest in CeXs because they generally offer much better prices than GAME.

On Sunday I looked at their apps and compared two of the collectibles they mentioned – Uncharted 4 and Days Gone.

GAME offers collectible publications at the same price as regular publications, i.e. 50 pence in cash or a loan of 4 books or 3.70 books for the past few days.

However, the CeX gives 37 books in cash or 45 books in credit for the Collector’s Edition of Days Gone and 69 books in cash or 84 books in credit for the Libertalia Edition!

I think you can sell online for CeX or they offer drop and go service where you start online and then take your stuff to a local store during a lock-out.

Good luck with whatever you choose (I won’t leave the 12 centimeters of delicious food that my statue of Nathan Drake from the collectors edition of Uncharted 4 behind)!
Past yearsModel

Fifty pence? It sounds ridiculous.

Early excitement
It’s nice to see the exciting building as we approach the launch of the next generation. 2020 has been a challenging year for many, so we hope that the new consoles will bring some relief to those who have been lucky enough to secure the launch console. I’m in Australia and I’ve got PlayStation 5 for the first day, so (at the time of writing) I only have three dreams left.

I thought the PlayStation Plus collection and the Astro arcade would keep me informed for the first few weeks, but I think I’m a very demanding Spider-Man: Miles Morales, after the positive feedback we received. Anyway, I liked the original, so it’s worth taking this copy with you. I’m also expecting a lot of used products for the demon shower a few weeks after the release, so I’ll wait to pick them up as well.

Although the PlayStation 5 series is undoubtedly more powerful than the Xbox X series, it will be some time before a wave of games can really take advantage of the new technology on any system. In this sense, the Ultimate Game Pass offers a great bridge, because for those who have never played before, there are inevitably some games optimized for the new hardware.

I’m jealous of what Microsoft has to offer, because although PlayStation Plus contains a number of classic games, I like the variety of gamers’ tastes and would like to see some smaller games as well as independent games. We hope the monthly PlayStation Plus selection will fill this gap.

With the advantage that I will take it sooner (compared to the British release), I will try to write with my first impressions. As far as the player is concerned, the introduction of a new console is much more fun!
ProEvoSan78 (PSN ID)

HONG KONG: It would be great if you could make us a figurehead editor.

In a short answer to JAH’s question about OLED TVs, I would say that we should not dwell too much on the problem of combustion. That is the only weak point of OLED technology that has previously been overplayed by the manufacturers of non-OLED television sets as a way of bridging the gap between LEDs and OLEDs, in my opinion.

We have several OLEDs in the house, one of which is actually a FIFA screen, and we have had no problems with burns. Nothing in five years or more of ownership, so I would say that the improvement in quality is worth the small risk.
HP: In the world of television technology, there is as much strange fanboism as in the world of console production. It’s weird.

With the risk of
in connection with JAH and its potential new television. In my opinion, I would choose a different television for your situation.
If your son regularly plays a few hours at FIFA or other matches, I think there are better options for you.

Is something burning? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Is it as bad as the forums? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I had an LG OLED55C7 for a few years, and this year I had the chance to upgrade to a larger format.

After many hours of research and my own experience with OLED I bought the LG 65CX OLED, they are really great TV’s and they probably offer the best picture quality.

But although I use the PlayStation 4 and my son uses his switch, we don’t play more than a couple of hours in a row, which is not a problem. If you play regularly for a long period of time, I’d tell you not to take any risks.

Do what was my second choice this year, the Samsung Q90 QLED. It’s not an OLED, so you can take a break all day with no risk of burns. Moreover, the reflection of the screen is much better than that of LG.

The 55-inch is currently worth £1,300 at John Lewis, so you’d save money too. The 95T is exactly the same TV as the One Connect Box, which you may not need.

I chose LG because it offers slightly better picture quality for 4K UHD discs, but they are both great TVs. Good luck with your purchase!
Rolft (PSN ID)

The eternal call of
I have to admit that I get quite jealous when I read all the articles and letters about the next generation of machines. It takes at least a year, even two years, before I can afford one (probably the PlayStation 5). That’s if I don’t have to answer the rumour that Switch Pro will play against Zelda: The breath of nature 2. I don’t know how anyone can afford to buy a new Xbox and PlayStation when it comes out. It’s obvious I’ve got the wrong job.

At least I have something to play with in modern cars. The current sales of the PlayStation 4 Indies have been good. I bought an Owl, Outer Duck, Lies, Foxgloves Park and Kentucky Highway Zero for £40 with a ShopTo PSN voucher. One of the great qualities of most indie games is that they are timeless. If I played one of those games on new cars, it wouldn’t make any difference. It’s very nice to have this little bubble that exists outside the generation gap.
Ryan O’DPS: How does Switch Pro make an improved dock possible? Is that even technically possible? I only play at home, so it’s much more interesting for me to pay around £100 for a modernised dock than £300 for a new car.

HONG KONG: It’s a good choice you made there. An improved docking station is possible, but for us that’s not what Nintendo would do, but who knows.

Discover all the previous games received here.

Buying for developers
As owner of the switch and the PlayStation 4, with little interest in today’s exclusive Xbox, the intriguing idea of what the Japanese company Microsoft could buy would have caught my attention. Of course, buying Nintendo was a step towards a microphone that immediately changed my loyalty, but that doesn’t seem like an option. Nintendo keeps a Wario style safe to discourage shopping.

VanSoftware would be a huge purchase. Bloodborne is one of my favorite games of this generation. But it’s good that this is the only game I’ve played so far and for my nerves I’m not sure I want to play Soulsborne games alone. Platinum games would be even more tempting for me. I like the bayonet, but on the other hand, they don’t currently have a wide range of games that would make the transition to Xbox really meaningful.

When I think about it, there’s one purchase that really gets in my way. With a cap. Street Fighter 5, a remake of Resident Evil 2, and Devil May Cry 5 These are absolutely essential games that I could not do without. In the case of Street Fighter 5, as an exclusive PlayStation 4, it actually helped to announce the purchase of my first PlayStation.

If these three games were exclusive to Xbox, I’d think twice about it. But Capcom doesn’t just rely on these three series. It has the breadth and depth of titles, both today and in history, to really enrich the Xbox library. Although I haven’t played it yet, I’m sure only Monster Hunter will make the Japanese market react.

So what are the chances of buying Capcom? Can Microsoft really afford it? Maybe they can afford all three without any problems! That would be a revolution!
Ryan O’D.

HONG KONG: We have seen that many people offer FromSoftware, but they are owned by a large company called Kadokawa, which would be an expensive acquisition – at least a few billion – and Microsoft doesn’t necessarily want anything other than FromSoftware. Probably Capcom and platinum, but we fear for each of these Japanese developers in the hands of an American company.

Incoming aso-rans
How many have already said, why is Microsoft waiting so far to consider buying Japanese developers? You should have done this years ago, at the beginning of the Xbox One generation – which is being purchased now, will probably only matter to the next generation!

Hey, GK, you wanna watch the new Sumo Digital Hotshots Racing game? It looks like a nice retro runner that just appeared on PS4. Xbox One (game pass), and a switch.

HONG KONG: She’s long gone, so we don’t think we can get past her.

This week the hot iron is
. With the release of the X and S Inbound series on Xbox this week, the question is simple. Do you get it? If not, why not?

If you have already done so, what are your first impressions and are you satisfied that it meets your expectations? You also get the PlayStation 5, and if not, why did you choose one over the other?

What do you think are the main features of the new console and which games do you play or want to play? Don’t forget to mark your email as a news topic and not as a normal mailbox.

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