Winter storm throws life out of gear in Texas and other parts of the United States

It was an unsettling time when millions of Americans faced intense cold due to winter storms. They suffered power outages and low temperatures. Those who have a renewable energy supply in their homes are in a more comfortable position. The National Weather Service has issued a warning that heavy accumulations of snow, ice pellets and sleet will spread across much of the Mid-South on Wednesday and Thursday. These areas include parts of Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and all of Arkansas. The danger zone also includes an area from Kentucky to New England.

There have been fatalities in traffic accidents due to the weather. In Oklahoma alone, many people have been hospitalized for such injuries. This is unavoidable when driving on snowy roads.

CNN reports that the drop in temperature has caused misery for those suffering from power outages. Weather conditions affected travel and caused delays in the delivery of coronavirus vaccines. This has disrupted the vaccination schedule. A Miami-Dade City Hall spokesman said many people in Miami-Dade County are waiting for a second scheduled dose of the vaccine. This would be a direct result of the delay in delivery. Similar situations occur in Colorado, Ohio and other regions.

Yosemite National Park recently reopened after suffering heavy damage during a winter storm.

Winter Storm Death

One person died of carbon monoxide poisoning. North Carolina has reported the deaths of at least three people. They were victims of an EF3 tornado overnight. Air traffic is at a standstill and the winter storm has led to the cancellation of numerous flights.

Rarely does Texas have such a harsh winter, with temperatures below freezing. The state has had to suffer the loss of power. CNN is reporting phone outages in Fort Bend County. Judge KP George wrote on Twitter: Cell phone service is down throughout the region as the emergency generators in the towers freeze and/or run out of fuel. In January, New York City experienced a winter storm.

Winter storm covers much of the American continent with snow

The current winter storm is setting new low temperature records. This has affected energy resources and left millions of homes and businesses in the dark. Most of them are in Texas. It disrupted the water supply. In Abilene, Texas, water treatment plants had to close due to power outages. Authorities have managed to restore power at one of the stations and are trying to remedy the situation at others. CNN adds that more than 73 percent of the continental United States is covered in snow. The Office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) confirms this. Only three states are free of snow. They are Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

NOAA adds: This cold wave is expected to produce record temperatures, similar to the historic cold waves of February 1899 and 1905.

Wind chill warnings during the Canadian winter storm in Mexico

According to the Los Angeles Times, America is in the midst of a record-breaking cold snap. Four family members died in Houston. The reason was a house fire. They say they used the chimney to keep warm. At least 16 deaths have been reported. This is mainly due to car accidents and carbon monoxide poisoning. Wind warnings are in effect from Canada to Mexico. The frequency of power outages has increased, with the highest in Texas. The state has opened several shelters to accommodate more than 1,000 people.

Nighttime temperatures in Omaha were 23 degrees below zero. It was the coldest in 25 years.

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