Protesters, Supporters Of Controversial Christian Leader Clash On Skid Row –

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Fans and protesters against the controversial Christian musician met Wednesday night in the Skid Row district of downtown Los Angeles, although the singer himself never showed up.

Sean Feucht fans marching in Skid Row on the 30th. December 2020. (Getty Images)

Sean Feucht, a minister from Northern California and leader of the Let Us Worship movement, organized other meetings throughout the country during the pandemic to protest the restrictions on the coronavirus.

At some of Feucht’s events fans sing and dance without masks, for which he is accused of organizing super-medieval events. Local homeless activists feared that such an event would infect the vulnerable homeless population on Skid Row.

The Wednesday evening event was scheduled for 7 pm near the intersection of Fifth Street and Stadsweg, but Feucht did not turn up for the performance.

Homeless activists set up a car blockade at a crossroads that stretched over several blocks to prevent a large planned Christian service.

Although Fecht did not appear, some dozens of his followers showed up, some with masks and some without.

Demonstrators take part in a blockade against Christian musician Sean Feucht on the 30th. December 2020. (Getty Images)

In one case, homeless activists in a blocked area shouted at a woman to put on a mask, and she refused, and even threw away the mask she had been given.

We have made it clear that if they want to come to this church with masks, that is good for us, said Pastor Q of Church Without Walls, one of the leaders of the blockade movement.

As soon as the Let Us Worship band started playing, the Skid Row activists showed up to drown them out.

We just come in and praise Hina Sheikh. We don’t do anything illegal, we don’t do anything that hurts anybody.

The speakers wore masks, but the demonstrators did not accept them.

You cannot come into our community with your colonizing religion, act as if you own the place and endanger people, Pastor Q said.

Fecht is expected to hold a Let Us Worship event on Thursday morning in Echo Lake Park and a concert on Thursday evening in the parking lot of Valencia’s church.

The Valencia Facebook page indicates that the event takes place from 9pm to midnight: 28776 Old Street. The site showed that 500 people said they would go – although it is not clear whether they intended to be physically present or watch online, and that a further 1,200 people were interested in attending or watching the event.

In a social media post, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office of the Santa Clarita Valley Department said it was aware of a religious event (Thursday) with a potentially large crowd.

We are aware of this and we will follow the event. We believe that our members of the community and business community who are abiding by the rules in this pandemic are limiting COWID-19.

According to the current rules of the Southern California Regional Chamber, all public and private meetings are prohibited, with the exception of protests and religious services.

The California Campaign for the Poor wrote a letter asking city and county officials to stop Feucht’s activities and enforce community health regulations.

According to his website, Feucht has also planned events in Orange County and San Diego.

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