Is Formula 1 Shedding European Tracks?

As the Formula 1 seasons continue to grow in length with this years efforts being 23-races long, we’re quickly approaching the season maximum set at 25 by the Concorde agreement as many different locations are looking to secure their bids for future F1 races and a new set of tracks will certainly adjust odds for some drivers at betswagger as the favorites could look to double down on their already strong showing – but in order to get these new tracks in the racing calendar, some others will have to make way, and this could mean losing some of the classic tracks throughout Europe.

Currently, some countries like Italy are able to benefit from hosting a number of races throughout the calendar and seem to be some of the driver and fan favorites too, but with growing interest from abroad space does need to be made and as contracts are coming to an end, many will likely enter a huge bidding war to continue attracting the most premiere motorsport. France is one track currently on the chopping block it seems, despite words of encouragement to keep things going it seems like it could be one to fall by the wayside, and even more influential tracks like Monaco and Spa don’t seem to be safe as Domenicali has suggested that these places cannot assume to be guaranteed.

Losing some of the tracks that have been a huge part of the F1 history will be a sad sight for the most dedicated fans, but it may not necessarily be a bad thing for the sport – tracks have to show that they can keep up with modern standards and promote exciting races to growing audiences and is a big reason why the US may look to host 3 races in the future in Austin and Miami with Las Vegas joining next year to capitalize on the growing US fandom for the sport.

Ultimately, much of the frustration will come as tracks securing their place will likely be down to how much cash they’re willing to flash to get the circuit on the calendar, and as things like pay drivers have long been an issue in the sport, having more races added that typically aren’t well received by the fans or by the drivers simply because they’re willing to pay more could ultimately be a downfall for the sport too – for now it is an exciting prospect though, a 25-race season fills out the calendar further and the newest race tracks provide an opportunity for each driver on the grid to show something they haven’t in the past, and opens the doors for some very exciting racing like seen at Jeddah earlier this year.

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