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We are Yuito and Kasane, a couple from Lithuania who study international relations at university. We understand that it is hard to keep up with the pace of our own world. We have been living and working in different countries for the past six years now, and we have been traveling to new countries on a regular basis. Occasionally, we have to look at the world from different perspectives, to understand how things work, or to learn about the ways other people live.

There has been a lot of noise in the community about ‘Scarlet Nexus Yuito’ and ‘Kasane’ differences, this post is to try to explain all of those differences and where they may come from, or at least what is likely the case.

This guide to the differences between Yuito and Kasane in Scarlet Nexus will help you determine which Yuito or Kasane path you want to take first in Scarlet Nexus.

When playing Scarlet Nexus, the first decision you have to make at the beginning of the game is whether to play as Yuito or Kasane. In Scarlet Nexus, Yuito and Kasane have different backgrounds. Although the paths of Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane converge at the end of the game, there are many differences between the two, especially in the early and middle stages.


Gameplay – Scarlet Nexus Differences Yuito and Kasane

The first problem you’re likely to encounter with the differences between the Nexus Scarlet, Yuito and Kasane is the gameplay. While the two characters share more similarities than differences in gameplay, there are still significant differences, both in the way they play and in the party members each has access to.

Different kinds of games

In Scarlet Nexus, Yuito and Kasane have different play styles. Yuito wields a sword and focuses on melee damage, while Kasane wields flying daggers and focuses more on melee damage and AoE.

Their brain cards, which are the Scarlet Nexus version of the skill trees, also have different purposes. While Yuito can extend his 3-hit ground combo to a devastatingly long 5-hit ground combo, including a powerful finisher, Kasane can only extend his ground combo to 4 hits.


Meanwhile, Kasane is able to improve her aerial combos more than Yuito.

In terms of gameplay, they’re about the same, now that I’ve played both campaigns in their entirety. I slightly prefer Kasana because of his range and AoE of his skills, but Yuito has its advantages too.

Kasane’s attacks are safer because they can be used at a greater distance, and her last two combo attacks hit AoEs around her. Kasane’s emphasis on air strikes seemed a bit unnecessary, but overall I found them more interesting to control and fight.

Yuito, on the other hand, takes more damage from a single target, especially after reaching level 6 Pyrokinesis. For Yuito, level 6 Pyrokinesis replaces his combo finisher with a powerful flamethrower attack (Kasane only gets one bonus hit during his useless air combo). This means his damage potential is much higher.


However, if you’re fighting for Yuito, you’ll have to rely more on sclerokinesis and teleportation to hold down enemies and not get thrown, while Kasane can usually press buttons anywhere without putting himself in danger.

However, the difference in gameplay between the two games is quite small. I would say, pick the character you like the most, because you will see it throughout the game. As far as gameplay goes, keep in mind that Yuito focuses more on the mêlée, while Kasane focuses more on the mid-range, and her playstyle mixes a bit more organically with her psychokinesis.

Party members

The party members are probably a much bigger issue when it comes to the differences between Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasana, as throughout most of the game (about 70%) each character has access to completely different party members and, more importantly, SAS guns.

Yuito gets Hanabi, Tsugumi, Gemma, and Luka, and with them Pyrokinesis, Clairvoyance, Sclerokinesis, and Teleportation.


Kasane gets Shinen, Arashi, Kyoka, Kagero and with them electrokinesis, hyper speed, splitting and invisibility.


Overall, I think Kasane is much better off, not only in terms of gameplay, but also in terms of story.

Yuito has Pyrokinesis, which is probably the best SAS skill, but Kasane’s Electrokinesis isn’t bad, and she has a special attack that Yuito doesn’t have access to. Also, hyper speed and duplication are much better than the other skills Yuito has at his disposal, not to mention more addictive. The teleportation Yuito gets is pretty good, but I still feel like Kasane is the winner as far as group members go.

In the story, Yuito’s companions are mostly ordinary people who talk very slowly and have little personality, while Kasane gets all the fun group members. Except Shinan. Shining is the worst, no matter which way you want to go.

Both characters have access to different group members and SAS skills, so I wouldn’t base my decision solely on the group members, but for much of the game you’re stuck with whoever follows them, depending on how the story progresses.

History – Scarlet Nexus Differences Yuuto and Kasane

Although the two paths reconnect towards the end of the game, the middle of the story is distinctly different for each character. I’ll try to give as little away as possible, but still give a glimpse of the differences between Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane, which is what each story is about.

Yuito’s story is more about history and the global view of the world. It also focuses more on the social problems of the so-called Duds, people without skills. It also focuses much more on the rehabilitation of the individual and other abuses of government power. After all, it’s more about the Sumuragi family and their influence on politics.

Kasane’s story focuses more on the mystery surrounding the Others, the monsters that inhabit the world of the Scarlet Nexus. It focuses more on the government’s experiments with these monsters, and dark dealings with other factions. It contains more information about Yuito and Kasane’s skills in terms of origins and abilities.

As for the differences between Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane, the two stories are largely the same. Two factions clash, each takes its side, and so on. After about 70% of the game, the scenarios converge and become almost identical. Both face a recurring final boss in the middle of the game, with Yuito probably being more interesting from a story perspective, though Kasane has a cooler design and a more interesting final boss fight.

As far as plot goes, again I think I personally prefer Kasane as far as Yuito and Kasane’s Scarlet Nexus is concerned because she has access to some extra scenes that I personally find more interesting than what Yuito gets to see. His story also fills in the gaps in Yuito’s narrative, where Kasane’s actions are treated as a kind of mystery (play Kasane’s campaign to find out what happened!), while Kasane’s campaign is the opposite (Yuito is barely involved).

I also think I like Kasane a lot more because Yuito is such a vanilla ice cream cone, tasteless, with no personality, a pathfinder. Kasane is also a standard stoic bad guy, but it’s still better.

That’s probably all the guide to the differences between Yuito and Kasane from Scarlet Nexus has to offer. Don’t forget to check out the homepage for more RPG game guides. Check out the Scarlet Nexus section for more guides on this game. Click here to read my full review of Scarlet Nexus on my YouTube channel.

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