Simple Speech about My Family for Kids

Today, I’m going to tell you something about my family. Let’s see… my mom is called Anna, she is 33 years old and she is married to my father – Serge. They have two kids. They call me Sarah and my brother is David. We live in Novomir, a small village in Russia.

My name is Brandon and I’m an average American kid. I like to chat about cool stuff, like video games. But I also love to talk about my family. I know you might think things like “How cool is that?!” or “His/Her family is so cool!”

The best gift God has given to all living things on earth is the family. Finding a happy family is a blessing, because not everyone in the world has one. The fun of living with your parents and fighting with your siblings over nothing can make you smile when you think about it. My family has always supported me without any pretense, from moralizing to love and support. My family is like a strong pillar to me that I can blindly lean on when I need support. My family is always there to inspire and support me in all of life’s challenges and goals. Relationships are a unique form of love that gives you all the lessons you need to live a healthy life. My family is one of the craziest families in the world. There are four of us: my mom, my dad, my little brother and me. While my father makes a living working, my mother is the boss of the house. My father is a humble man. He doesn’t rebuke us. It’s just the opposite, our mother. She wants us to stay alert, and she scolds us often.

  • I have a wonderful family and I love each and every one of them.
  • My family consists of four people – my father, my mother, my brother and me.
  • My father is an engineer and my mother is a teacher.
  • Everyone in my family loves, respects and cares for each other.
  • My family goes there every two weeks for a picnic.
  • Every night, after dinner, we spend time together.
  • My family has taught me powerful lessons about our love, solidarity and cooperation.

Why is family important?

Family is an asset that not everyone is fortunate enough to have. Sometimes those who have it don’t appreciate the gift. The family is important because it contributes to our development. They enable us all to become full human beings with individual personalities. They always give us a sense of comfort and a safe place to grow. We learn to communicate and develop our intelligence as a family. Studies show that people who live with their families are happier than those who live alone. In difficult times, they serve as your support. When the whole world doubts you, only your family believes in you. They are also the first ones to cheer you up when you are depressed. Having a supportive family by your side is a great blessing. In times of highs and lows, my family has always been by my side. They taught me to be a better person. I will always be grateful to my family for what they have done for me. I can’t imagine my life without them. They are my first instructors and friends.

Atmosphere in my family

We have a peaceful environment at home. After school we spent our time studying, playing games and watching TV, which of course our mother did not like. Like other partners, my mother and father rarely argue. Once an argument starts, one of them leaves, and heated debates between them are rare. That’s what I like most about them, because I feel like my parents are so nice. It’s just my brother and I having fun competing against each other. However, we know that it is the love we have for each other that helps us through these difficulties. I just love spending time at home with my parents and my brother. I feel how bad it will be if we continue our professional lives tomorrow and can’t spend much time together.

My family values

Family values are very important to me because they have made me who I am today, and I intend to pass these great values on to my children in the future. In every family, there are things, deeds and values that are dear to them and that they hold dear.

Stick to my family values –

This concept runs in my family. Since I was a kid, my family has forced me to learn about honesty and the benefits it brings. My mother believes that if the world and all people show love and kindness to each other, there will be no more hatred and wars will disappear. This idea has been passed down from generation to generation in my family. My father always said that the best legacy you can give your child is an education. I don’t want to be treated badly and make a bad impression. The way we dress and how we look is very important to us.

Why do I love my family?

My father is the best father in the world. I admire my father very much because I want to adopt many of his habits and make them my own. He taught me to be content with what I have. My mother is the best cook in the world. If it wasn’t for my mother, I don’t know where I’d be now. I owe him a lot. My brother is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. He’s the last kid, so if you know what I mean, it gives him a chance to be annoying.


In every family, there is one thing that is cherished and passed down from generation to generation. This is what makes a family a united group, not because we are blood relatives, but because we share the same beliefs. We always have a reason to love our family. I love my family because they are the best gift I could wish for, and the fact that they have been there for me in good times and bad, and had a lot of fun. To me, they are the whole word. They always support me in difficult times.

Former fitting

Hey, everybody. My name is John, and I’m here to give a talk about my family. I love my family. In my family, there is a father, a mother and a little sister. You take very good care of me. The family is the most important and complete unit of society. It takes a lot of effort to build a relationship with each family member. And I am very happy with the tremendous support and affection I receive from my family, who strengthen me as a unique creation of God and encourage me to follow my dreams and passions. The father is the head of the family and he has to lead everyone because we all look up to him. My father is a very disciplined man. From now on, he wants to keep us all under strict discipline. Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, rich and wise. And that’s pretty much the principle of our family. My dad makes us go to bed early and get up early. Sometimes very early! Although it seems so terrible now that I can’t be lazy sometimes, I know he does it for our own good and I respect him for it. My father is my role model. He’s more special to me than Superman and Spider-Man because he can do something no one else can. His affection is so precious as we sit around the table each evening and talk about our day. My father also taught me how to pray. So when I feel fear, I close my eyes and pray to God, and I feel peace in my heart. Well, yes, I’m very naughty and sometimes he hits me. For example, if I disturb him during work hours or yell at people in a disrespectful manner. It teaches me to respect my elders. word-image-9632 He tells me what I don’t understand. He always pushes me to work harder, to go the extra mile, even when I feel like I can’t do it, I do it anyway! He always stresses the importance of education. He makes me believe I have powerful abilities and I dream of becoming a beautiful, successful, courageous person like him, full of integrity. He tells me every day how much he loves me, and I am always grateful. My mom is my favorite. She’s the nicest person in the world. She doesn’t scold me very often, and sometimes she even saves me from a slap from dad because she’s so nice. She’s also very beautiful. She doesn’t go to work because she has to take care of my little sister. She makes time for me every day even when she is tired, she helps me with my homework, and she talks about a lot of sensible things that teach me to be a person with strong moral principles. She’s a wise woman. Unlike many others, she is good with money and likes to spend it wisely. She keeps the house in order and makes our home so beautiful. It’s true that she sometimes scolds me when I leave my room messy, but then she cleans it up and puts it in such order that I don’t recognize it. She makes me so happy that sometimes I dance to show my elegance and she joins me. It’s little things like that that make my heart happy and my day beautiful. It makes the most delicious food in the world. I dread the day I have to leave home to study; I don’t know how to live without her. She is the greatest gift God has given me. My little sister is not in school yet, but she is very playful, just like me. We get along fine. Sometimes I tease her and she cries for my mom and then I feel bad. That’s why I try to take care of them. I love my family very much and I am very grateful to my parents. Thank you. !!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Speech my family?

My family is full of great people, and one of the best is my wife. Even though we are a young family, I know she has a lot of responsibilities. I aspire to lead a healthy and satisfied life, and I am also committed to share my opinions and thoughts through this blog. My wife’s great grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease, and her family is struggling to cope. I had never met the woman before, but when I came to visit her recently, I found her to be proud, and still very interested in the world around her. I was wondering how to help her, and thought a blog post might help both my wife’s family and the woman herself. I’m not a medical professional, but I’m confident that a blog post is the best way to make it clear that her family needs to take it seriously, and that people are willing to help.

How do I tell my kids about my family?

Today I am going to answer what I feel is the most important question a mother can ask her child: “how do I tell my child about my family?” I am not referring to biological, but rather the family of choice. My family is made up of those blood relations I have chosen to raise: my spouse, my parent, my brother, my sister, and my children. It’s hard to think of a better way to try and teach a child the importance of being kind, than by introducing them to a family member who struggles with a mental illness. When my mom was diagnosed with schizophrenia, I was scared and shocked. I had never even seen mental illness in action, and I was terrified for my mom. But I knew that the best way to explain it to my younger siblings was to tell them about my own family, and what mental illness means.

How do I write an essay about my family?

Imagine you are about to write a speech about your family, a speech that’s going to be read to a crowd of thousands of people. You are nervous, but think about the people in your life that you care about the most and how you wish you could say all the things you wish you could say, so that you could have a sense of closure, that you could say all that you wish to say. You don’t really know what to write about your family, so you pick the topic “How do I write an essay about my family?” It’s the most important speech of your life, and it’s one that is going to be read by thousands of people. Your parents are going to hear it, and you know they will hate Family is a mysterious word. It is an entity that we experience in a particular way. We have relationships with our family and those relationships are reflected in our behavior. You can tell a lot about a person by observing his or her relationships with family members.

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