Model Ashley Lindsay Morgan Says Marilyn Manson Would Cut And Burn Her, Was Obsessed With Nazi Memorabilia

Model Ashley Lindsay Morgan, along with actress Rachel Evan Wood, Ashley Walters, Gabriella and Sarah McNeilly, have decided to participate in the February 1, 2021 to file charges against rock star Marilyn Manson. Each woman revealed her personal accounts on Instagram, and many shared posts on their Instastories accusing the Grammy-nominated artist of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. To date, Marilyn Manson has not commented on the recent allegations, but he has categorically denied previous allegations of abuse.

Marilyn Manson is currently married to photographer Lindsay Usich, and the couple would be celebrating their first wedding anniversary this month.

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Ashley Lindsay Morgan’s accusations began like those of many other women. Ashley explained that she was approached by Marilyn Manson in 2009-2010. Ashley Walters, who also continued her story, said Marilyn Manson approached her on social media. According to Morgan, who posed in Thailand, Manson wanted her to become a professional model for him. They became friends online, and after a while she felt she could trust him enough to agree to fly to Los Angeles to meet him.

Ashley says Manson lured her to his home, took her to Los Angeles and eventually forced her to move in after he arrived. According to Ashley, her behavior quickly changed and he began to show his dark side.

Like other testimony, Ashley argued that Marilyn Manson created a control environment in which she was expected to follow the rules and be punished if she did not. She stated that she would be punished for any behavior Manson disapproved of. She claims to have been sexually abused, coerced, physically assaulted and beaten. We don’t know if Ashley Lindsey Morgan has filed a complaint against Manson.

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She described some of the punishments she had endured and said that he locked her out without clothes when she fell asleep. Other women have also claimed that Marilyn Manson used sleep deprivation as a form of control.

Ashley explained the following.

He would chase me out of the house with no clothes on if I fell asleep at 3am. I was not allowed to eat, sleep or walk. If I had fallen asleep, I would have been awakened by loud music. He made me feel like he was cutting me, burning me, his fist in my mouth was our thing. So much has happened. I don’t want him to do this to anyone else, and for so long I felt responsible for hurting others. I just thought it was my fault.

Because Ashley lived in Thailand, she also described Marilyn Manson as obsessed with Nazi memories and demanded that she bring her so much from her travels in Asia.

Below you can see Ashley Lindsay Morgan’s full statement, in which she claims that Marilyn Manson abused her on several occasions.

Source : Ashley Lindsay Morgan/Instagram

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