How can You Make Your Mattress Last Longer 

How can You Make Your Mattress Last Longer 

Mattresses are expensive, so it would make sense to know how long a mattress lasts and make yours last as long as possible. When taken care of properly, a mattress should last you between 6 to 12 years depending on the material, manufacturer and its use. To make sure it lasts as long as possible, mattresses require a lot of care. 

Here are some ways you can make your mattress last you longer

Invest in a mattress protector 

 There are two main advantages of getting a mattress protector: to keep your environment clean and keep your mattress from aging too fast. A mattress protector is basically made to guard your mattress against accidents or spills you may have while you are on the bed. When liquids go into the mattress, they can cause mold or mildew to develop which leads to allergies during sleep. 

The mattress protector is also meant to protect your mattress against dead skin, body fluids like sweat, dust, dirt and more. You see, when we sleep our body tends to shed skin and produce some bodily fluids that can seep into the sheets and onto the mattress. With a waterproof mattress protector, you won’t have to worry about all these. 

Use a mattress topper

 The mattress topper can be used to add comfort and also elongate the lifespan of your mattress. The mattress topper is simply an extension of the mattress to give it more cushioning, extra height and debt for more comfort. 

If you have a comfortable mattress already, it would be wiser to go for a mattress protector. However, if you are looking for both benefits: comfort and mattress preservation then the mattress topper would be a fitting choice. Check these highly rated toppers in 2022 for a suitable mattress toper that can provide comfort as well as extend the life of your mattress. 

Ensure the mattress has proper support 

Without the right kind of base, your mattress will not get the right kind of support. The wrong base can cause indents in your mattress, causing it to age faster and this can make your sleep really uncomfortable. 

Many people tend to replace the bed frame / foundation separate to the mattress and that is completely understandable as they don’t age the same. Mattresses can last up to an average of 12 years but the foundation could last you for decades. So, you have to make sure the mattress you are getting is completely compatible with the bed frame. Having the right kind of support is important for the structural integrity of your mattress. 

Clean your bedding and the mattress on the regular 

 Experts recommend that we wash our beddings at least once a week. This is because during sleep, we shed hair, skin, oil and sweat which seeps into the sheets and eventually into your mattress. These agents can cause your mattress to stain and age faster.  To keep the mattress looking new, make sure you clean and change your sheets weekly as recommended. 

As for the mattress, you also need to clean it periodically as recommended by the manufacturer. Each mattress is different so you will clean depending on the material and the instructions by the manufacturer. Cleaning the mattress will prevent dust, mold, mildew, bedbugs and other issues that might otherwise age the mattress faster. 

In case you have any accidents on the mattress, make sure you clean it out immediately. If you spill food and drinks and allow it to dry out, you will get a permanent stain. The liquids may cause growth of mold and fungi or lure in bugs. 

Rotate the mattress regularly 

Sleeping on one spot on the mattress can cause it to dent or sink in over time. Regular mattress rotations will push the mattress fillings so they are evenly distributed and this will keep the mattress in good shape for longer. If you sleep with your partner, you need to change sides regularly and flip the mattress to make sure you don’t cause indentations over time. 

No food, shoes, and pets on the bed 

 Avoiding shoes on the bed, keeping your pets off your bed and not eating on your bed are rules that need to be implemented if you want the mattress to last you as long as possible. Shoes and food will make the mattress dirty and may cause build up of mold, mildew or bugs. Pets on the other hand tend to sweat, drool and shed a lot which can collect onto your sheets and seep into the mattress causing some issues. 

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