Katie Maloney-Schwartz Shows Off New Hair

Katie Maloney-Schwartz


Katie Maloney-Schwartz in 2019

It may not be the noodles, but it’s definitely the hair.

In a new Instagram post, Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney-Schwartz revealed her brand new look. Maloney-Schwartz revealed her new hairstyle in an Instagram post on February 11, in which she showed off her trendy shoulder-length hairstyle. In the photo, her hairstyle was styled with beach waves and a side parting. And to complete the look, Maloney-Schwartz wore a black leather jacket.

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Maloney-Schwartz has had super long hair for a few years now and also stars in the series Vanderpump Rules. However, in previous seasons of the series, she wore a hairstyle of the same length as the one she just posted on her Instagram page.

Katie Maloney-Schwartz has already revealed her tips for healthy hair.

During his time at Vanderpump Rules, Maloney-Schwartz always put on healthy curls. And because she is the most beautiful hair addict, she shared one of her favorite hair products with Life & Style magazine in December 2019. And it might ….not be what you expected.

“Apple cider vinegar… For my hair,” Maloney-Schwartz told the publication. “Once every two weeks, I use it instead of shampoo. I soak my scalp and then I work it. Then I rinse it off and use conditioner. It’s my best tip for shiny, healthy hair. It’s nothing new, but people don’t know enough about it. Plus, it’s so cheap”.

Katie Maloney-Schwartz recently underwent another transformation.

The new hairstyle is not the only new hairstyle Maloney-Schwartz has been practicing lately. In April 2020, Maloney-Schwartz revealed that she had recently lost 20 pounds, which she revealed during Vanderpump’s season 8 rule meeting. During the show, Maloney-Schwartz faced great shame about her body and revealed on Instagram that she had consulted a doctor after a series of failed diets.

“I thought it was a thyroid problem, so I went to the doctor and did a blood test,” Maloney-Schwartz said on Instagram at the time, as People noted. “I think it’s very important to check your health as well, because even though it wasn’t a thyroid condition, I discovered that my glucose levels were quite high, which could have led to pre-diabetic problems.”

Maloney-Schwartz continued, “Now I just have a good understanding of nutrition and the types of food I should and shouldn’t eat.

Despite his recent weight loss, Maloney-Schwartz continues to advocate for body awareness. “The media has long promoted the idea that there is only one

The ‘perfect’ body or the standard we should all strive for,” Maloney-Schwartz told BravoTV in 2018. I’m not offended by the fact that models are generally very thin, but when there’s a bigger model (which I hate when we talk about “bigger”), we call him or her “big” or “different.” In reality, she is not different. In fact, she represents a larger demographic. And every time someone poses or shows off, I think they’re brave. Not just because they are size two or not”.

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Frequently asked questions

Are Katie and Schwartz still together?

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney-Schwartz were married in August 2016 and remarried after realizing they had never been officially married.

What happened to Kathy Maloney Schwartz?

November 9 will forever hold special meaning for Katie Maloney, who runs Vanderpump SURver. It turns out that on that day, six years ago, she was seriously injured when she fell 25 feet into the air. The fall resulted in a broken jaw and collarbone, and a minor head injury.

Katie and Schwartz are legally married?

Anyway, Schwartz and Katie finally consummated their legal….attended by the rest of the Vanderpump gang – sans Kristen, apparently.

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