Joel Coen’s The Tragedy of Macbeth First Look Reveals Denzel Washington & Frances McDormand

The Tragedy of Macbeth is an upcoming action-drama film written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, in which legendary actors Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand play the lead roles. Directed by the Coen brothers, the film is the first collaboration between the brothers since 2002’s No Country for Old Men. Also starring is Josh Brolin, Tom Waits, Russell Crowe, Catherine Keener, Michael Saint-Jules, and James Cromwell. The film is based on the play of the same name by William Shakespeare whose original language was English, but it was translated into several different languages before it was first published in 1623.

Denzel Washington will play the title role in the new movie, “The Tragedy of Macbeth” by Joel and Ethan Coen. Following Washington is Oscar-winning actress Frances McDormand, who plays Lady Macbeth. The film follows two men, a lawyer (Washington) and a soldier (McDormand), who have a fateful encounter in a Scottish castle while on opposing sides in a bloody civil war.

The first previews of the Kenneth Branagh-directed stage adaptation of the Shakespearean tragedy The Tragedy of Macbeth have surfaced online. The story follows the Macbeth family—led by the 10-year-old Duncan, his regent and ambitious stepfather, the powerful Macbeth, and his wife, Lady Macbeth—as they plot and conspire to seize the throne for themselves.

Joel Coen’s latest adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragedy will be released shortly. Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand star as MacBeth and Lady MacBeth in the first picture for this film, The Tragedy of Macbeth. The picture was released in conjunction with the news that Coen’s film would be the opening night feature at the New York Film Festival. It will also be the film’s global premiere. The festival will run from September 24 to October 10 and will include a hybrid format of in-person, outdoor, and virtual screenings, all while adhering to the most up-to-date health and safety guidelines.

“For nearly 50 years, the New York Film Festival has been a location where I’ve been seeing movies as an audience member and presenting them as a director,” Joel Coen said in a statement. “”To be starting the Festival this year with ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’ is a great honor and a delight.’”

Macbeth, starring Denzel Washington, Will Be a Thriller with an Age Twist The Tragedy of Macbeth First Look Photo

This “boldly creative depiction of The Scottish Play is an agonized film that looks, mouth agape, at a sad world undone by mindless greed and unthinking ambition,” according to the release from Film at Lincoln Center (FLC).

Denzel Washington plays the man who would be king, and Frances McDormand plays his Lady, a pair pushed to political murder – and demented by guilt – following the clever prognostications of a trio of “strange sisters” (a virtuoso physical inhabitation by Kathryn Hunter). Though it echoes Laurence Olivier’s classic 1940s Shakespeare adaptations’ forbidding visual designs – and aspect ratios – as well as Kurosawa’s bloody medieval madness in ‘Throne of Blood,’ Coen’s tale of sound and fury is entirely his own – and undoubtedly one for our moment, a terrifying depiction of amoral political power-grabbing that, like its hero, ruthlessly barrels ahead into a pit of despair.

The cast also includes Harry Melling, Brendan Gleeson, Corey Hawkins, and Ralph Ineson, in addition to Frances McDormand, Washington, and Hunter. This description implies that the new picture will be based on MacBeth, but will also include Coen’s own vision.

In a statement, NYFF Director Eugene Hernandez said: “This autumn, we can’t wait to welcome back the New York Film Festival audiences to Lincoln Center, and what a way to do it! We’re setting the scene for a historic return to our origins with Joel Coen, Frances McDormand, Denzel Washington, and our colleagues at Apple and A24 on Opening Night at Alice Tully Hall. Our Festival went to Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and throughout the nation via our Virtual Cinema last year, and it was a profoundly important edition of NYFF. We’ll be back at our Upper West Side digs this year, but we’ll also be experimenting with new venues and methods to interact with moviegoers in person, outdoors, and online – keep tuned!”

Early Bird pricing on festival passes is now available through July 30. After that, on Tuesday, Sept. 7, tickets will go on sale to the entire public. After its global debut at NYFF, The Tragedy of MacBeth is anticipated to reach cinemas later this year, but no official release date has been set.

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