5 neural networks to create unique photos and drawings

5 neural networks to create unique photos and drawings

In April 2022, the American company OpenAI released an updated version of the DALL-E 2 neural network to the market. The uniqueness of the network lies in the fact that it can create realistic pictures from a text description. For example, if you ask the query “A man rides a horse”, then the program will be able to create several images on this topic. At the same time, the quality of the images is so good that it is almost impossible to distinguish the image of a neural network from the work of a professional artist.

Unfortunately, the DALL-E 2 neural network is not yet available to a wide range of users, because it is at the stage of closed testing. However, in the future, widespread use of the network worldwide is expected. Despite the fact that it is not yet possible to get access to the neural network, you can use the analogs that exist in the technology market today.

Neural network for creating human faces

In 2019, an amazing neural network was developed that can create very realistic human faces. The author of the project was one of the developers of Uber – he created a network that can create unique portraits of people at the user’s request. The neural network works on the StyleGAN algorithm developed by Nvidia. The network consists of two parts – the first is responsible for creating pictures, and the second check them for realism. When creating faces, the system combines different parts of people’s faces and then adjusts them to various requested parameters: for example, gender, height, age, and others. Of course, sometimes you can notice that the image is unrealistic, but in most cases, artificial portraits are difficult to distinguish from real ones.

Artbreeder Avatar Generator

Today, many people have a profile on social networks, in which there must be an avatar. However, if you don’t want to post your photos, you can use the Artbreeder site. The work of the project is based on the StyleGAN and BigGAN algorithms – they allow users to create portraits and landscapes by simply moving the cursor. After registration, users can receive unique images of the faces of men and women. The created images can not only be saved on a computer but also put on an avatar in social networks and instant messengers. In addition, the site has a section with the best works – there you can always choose a ready-made image. Some peole use this service for creating pictures for betting applications – for example, for 22Bet app.

Looka Logo Generator

Any businessman who has created his own company sooner or later resorts to the services of designers to draw a logo. It is important that the logo correctly reflects the type of activity of the company and looks good on any background, and is also suitable for printing. If the cost of the work of professional designers is too high for you, you can use a convenient application for creating a logo – this is the Looka neural network. The user only has to choose the type of activity, specify the key parameters and choose the style of the logo. After that, the site provides a large list of options.

Dream neural network for creating drawings

Another interesting application is the Dream service, which analyzes images based on search queries. It is powered by the Google Neural Network. Based on the text description in English, the application helps to create a picture in one of 11 styles. The resulting image can be downloaded to a computer, as well as exhibited as NFT objects.

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