Fallout New Vegas Trends on Twitter After Bethesda Fans Make the Toughest Decision Ever

It’s Saturday night and Fallout New Vegas is all the rage on Twitter, and that’s because digital retailer GOG has presented Bethesda fans with the most difficult solution ever. On Twitter, the retailer’s official account asked fans if they could have one of the next four games: Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Old Scrolls: Morrowind or forgotten ancient manuscripts? And as was to be expected, this led to a discussion of the four classic GPRs, even though the answer (Oblivion) was obvious.

That was enough for Fallout New Vegas to start following the trend on Twitter, which caused some confusion as Fallout fans clicked on the trend, waiting for news of a sequel or something substantial. Seeing none of this, they started tweeting about the Fallout New Vegas trend for no good reason, which only made it more trendy, and that’s how we go about writing this article.

As with the original question, the most popular answer is Fallout New Vegas, or at least that’s what the answers suggest. Also a lot of shouting for Morrowind, but not much for Oblivion, and even less for Fallout 3.


– No compass icons
– No level scale
– Some undocumented quests
– Comes with a nice map
– Follow signs and directions to get around
– Main quest asks you to do your thing for a while
– Lots of guilds and factions
– Kill gods
– Crazy wizard elves in mushroom tower

– Chamber Stu37 (@StuartIWalton) 13. February 2021


More info

Everyone who didn’t adopt Morrowind either didn’t play it or came back to it years later. It was a game changer if you played it when it came out.

– Eric. (@not8_bit) 13. February 2021


New Vegas Fall

Even if it hurts, New Vegas will survive. I can admit that it was one of the most important and ambitious GPRs of all time. The way the story doesn’t dissolve into thin air, even when you play the cannibal 1 of rabid intelligence, is incredibly impressive from Obsidian.

– Cinesia (@Lurkersous) February 13, 2021


autumn 3

Fallout 3 is so nostalgic for New Vegas for me personally! Fallout 3 was so atmospheric and desperate in the arid desert of the capital, and I’ll never forget exploring the subway stations, and the DLC was one of the best DLCs ever made!

– Azure (@AzureEyesMusic) 13. February 2021


More precipitation 3

Third case. Sorry, new Vegas fans… I remember how broken this game was when it came out – and I won’t forget it.

+ Washington was way cooler than the four buildings on the strip.

– Nick930 (@Nick930Gaming) 14. February 2021



Even though I love New Vegas, it’s too unstable and broken to play efficiently (mods or otherwise).

Oblivion’s spell creation system was one of the best things in video games in recent years, and I’ve yet to see anything that can match it.

– Taylor Kaercher (@TaylorKaercher) February 14, 2021


Do not forget

I have to go with Oblivion, but damn, it’s a tough choice. If we count mods, I’d say Fallout 3.

– Tave (@TheGreatTave) February 13, 2021


In fact, none of them

Ugh. All of them.
These are the only good games in Bethesda.
The old
Morrowind Oblivion is too stupid and Skyrim is much better
And Fallout 4 has better gameplay, story and mechanics pic.twitter.com/hl0XOPet8R

– Blatman (@BigBoyOnTheWeb) 13. February 2021


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