How to Become a Forensic Scientist in India?

How to Become a Forensic Scientist in India?
How to Become a Forensic Scientist in India?

From blood sample analysis to firearms and DNA sampling to psychological testing, the world of forensic science offers a variety of careers for anyone who wants to be part of an exciting journey.

What is forensic investigation?

Forensic investigation is used in the Indian legal system. The experts examine the various pieces of evidence in the light of scientific principles. Forensic investigation relates to criminal cases, but also to civil cases.

The forensic investigator in India also focuses on the investigation of the crime scene, where the crime was committed. They are looking for clues that can help other detectives find more information about the crime. His work is more focused on the natural sciences.

The work of the forensic pathologist

Forensic scientists are experts who also work as crime scene investigators and are responsible for collecting evidence from various crime scenes. They are also called laboratory technicians.

Regardless of their specific role, these forensic scientists are detail-oriented, organized, and have high ethical standards. How they handle evidence is more important in obtaining convictions against defendants.

These experts work in disciplines ranging from toxicology to anthropology, as well as in other scientific fields. Forensic scientists are also required to testify in court about the results of their work. They explain their work in such a way that even someone without a scientific background can understand it well. The lawyer may also question these forensic experts about the methods they used and the conclusions they reached.

Training for medical examiners

3-year Bachelor of Forensic Science

This is a three-year degree program with 120 semester hours. The curriculum for this forensics course covers a variety of topics, including. B.

  • Fingerprint analysis
  • Criminal proceedings
  • Evidence
  • Investigating victims of crime
  • Constitutional issues in criminal proceedings
  • Crime Causation Theory and others

Students with a Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Science can work in entry-level positions as crime scene investigators, forensic technicians or forensic pathologists.

To be admitted to this undergraduate program, the candidate must have completed a graduate course or high school with at least 50% marks.

2 years of higher education, master’s degree in forensic medicine or a post-graduate degree.

A postgraduate degree in forensic medicine prepares any candidate for the most advanced position in this branch of forensic medicine. It includes 40 credit hours covering important topics such as.

  • Biological evidence
  • Forensic medicine
  • DNA test
  • Trace evidence
  • Toxicology
  • Drug analysis
  • Blood spatter and other patterns.

Candidates who wanted to pursue a master’s degree in India had to have an overall GPA of about 3.0. These aspirants can get jobs in departments like police, crime lab, drug department which is a government institution, hospital lab, medical companies etc.

Doctoral, master’s or doctoral degree of three years in forensic medicine.

You must have a PhD if you want to become a teacher or do research in this field. A doctorate is also required to hold a management position. Some of the central themes are,

  • Concepts for physical evidence
  • Instrumental analysis
  • Analysis of the controlled substance
  • Concepts for physical evidence
  • Advanced Forensics
  • Research Design
  • Forensic medicine and jurisprudence
  • Analysis of substances

For the Ph.D. degree, the candidate must have earned a master’s degree and have a grade point average of approximately 3.0. He/she may specialize in areas such as forensic botany, forensic entomology, forensic ballistics, forensic chemistry, forensic serology, forensic toxicology and forensic biology.

You may also be a medical examiner with experience in MBBS. Shortly after graduating from the MBBS, the candidate may earn a doctorate in forensic medicine.

Tasks of the coroner

The forensic scientist works in laboratories and at the crime scene.  You will perform the following tasks at the scene of the accident:

  • They are responsible for analyzing crime scenes to determine what evidence should be collected and how.
  • Photographing evidence and the crime scene
  • crime scene identification
  • Transcription of results and observations, e.g. B. of locations and track records.
  • Collecting evidence such as fingerprints, weapons and body fluids.
  • Catalog and preserve evidence for transfer to forensic laboratories.
  • crime scene reconstruction
  • In laboratories, forensic scientists perform the following tasks:
  • They conduct microscopic, biological and chemical analyses of evidence collected at the crime scene.
  • They must investigate links between criminal activity and suspects using DNA or other scientific analysis.
  • The coroner must consult with specialists in various fields, such as. B. Toxicology and Odontology, Counsel.
  • These forensic scientists also work as generalists and perform all the tasks listed above. They are specialized in certain sciences and techniques. The forensic investigator is also called a crime scene investigator or criminalist.
  • They collect evidence at crime scenes and carry out technical and scientific analyses in offices or laboratories. Forensic scientists work in laboratories that specialize in engineering or science. You work as a medical researcher or biologist.
  • They use chemicals and laboratory equipment, such as microscopes, to analyze the evidence.
  • They use computers to examine substances, DNA and some evidence collected at the crime scene.
  • Forensic scientists are working to find evidence of weapons or vehicles.

Qualifications required to become a medical examiner in India

The medical examiner must possess skills such as identifying, collecting, separating and analyzing physical evidence in connection with a criminal investigation. A candidate who wants to become a forensic scientist must also possess certain technical skills, observation skills, analytical skills, etc.

They should have knowledge in a variety of scientific fields to assist in identifying evidence, gathering information essential to apprehending the offender, and conducting crime-related interviews.

Experience required to become a medical examiner

The best candidates in this field are those with good work experience. So, you need to create a resume that includes volunteer work, an internship, and a good education to prove that you are qualified enough to become a forensic scientist.

A new forensic scientist works as an apprentice alongside experienced scientists. They work as laboratory technicians or researchers and want to know more about their work.

The perspective of the forensic pathologist

The coroner has many career opportunities. Opportunities are developing at a rapid pace. Other jobs can be found with state and federal agencies. India has good financial resources to hire forensic experts.

Even a small community collaborates with federal or state crime labs when it comes to processing evidence. The coroner works with sensitive and confidential information. Individuals working as consultants and contractors should also be checked to ensure that basic information is being provided.

Medical researcher salary in India

The entry-level worker who finds a job soon after earning his or her bachelor’s degree is usually hired through a campus arranged by his or her university. The average annual distribution of colleges in India is shown below:

  • If you have a bachelor’s degree in forensic education from Manipal University, you will get an average annual salary of Rs. 4, 50,000.
  • At Jamia Hamdard University, one can expect an average annual investment of Rs. 6, 37,000.
  • Mahatma Gandhi University offers 5,43,700 seats.
  • Osmania University offers an average annual placement of Rs. 3, 80,000
  • Amity University offers an average annual internship of Rs 4, 10,000.
  • Mumbai University offers an average annual accommodation of Rs. 5, 77,000 and K.L. University about Rs. 3, 78,000.
  • You can get an average of Rs 4, 50,000 per year from an excellent professional university.

Below is a list of jobs available after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science :

As a medical examiner: The forensic investigator is responsible for verifying the evidence found at the crime scene. They ensure that all tests are carried out in a correct and ethical manner. As a forensic scientist you can earn 4,87,950 euros a year.

Drug Analyst : The Drug Analyst performs various drug tests using software and equipment and maintains documentation and records. As a drug analyst, you can earn around 3,73,820 euros per year.

Criminal Laboratory Analysts : As forensic analysts, they specialize in crime scene analysis, which helps them identify suspects and exonerate people wrongly accused of a crime. A salary of about 6,90,000 can be earned as a forensic analyst.

Forensic serologist: As a forensic serologist, you can make about 4, 50,000. They must determine the types and specifics of blood tests, blood evidence examinations, and the preparation of witness statements and court cases.

Forensic Toxicologist: As a forensic toxicologist, you perform scientific tests on tissue and body fluid samples to identify chemicals or drugs in the human body. You can make 10,000,000 as a forensic toxicologist.


As a medical examiner in India, you will be responsible for collecting, preserving and examining physical evidence during an examination.

As the number of criminals and the scale of crime increases, the field of forensic science is growing exponentially. There is a great need for forensic scientists all over the world, especially in India. If you are an aspiring medical examiner in India, please register now.

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