How to Become a Radio Jockey (RJ) in India?

Some people have an extraordinary voice and can charm anyone with their voice. Why not use your voice to entertain an audience and earn a decent salary every month? Yes, you can do it with a simple voice, and we’re not talking about singing. Radio jockeying is the new hobby for many people. You’ve probably already seen that TV presenters have a lot of fans, but now the radio jockey has a few too. This will be an interesting job for those who can create their own magic with words.

Many people probably think that radio is not used anymore. But this is not true at all. Since 1999, radio has gained popularity and one can see several radio stations in India. Otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about the radio today.

If you enjoy hosting chats or talk shows and communicating with your daily contacts, then this is the job for you. You don’t always have to follow a very ordinary career path like everyone else. With a radio jockey, you can make your dreams come true. There are plenty of students with a good sense of language and a good voice who make a decent amount of money with a decent degree. If you have a relevant degree in radio jockeying, you can have a better career and earn more.

But then again, becoming a radio jockey or RJ is not going to be easy. If you dream of a career as a radio jockey, you’ve come to the right place. We have given you enough information about this profession. Please review all information before deciding whether or not to proceed.

Tolerance criteria:

It is very important that you meet certain criteria if you want to make a career. But the eligibility criteria for radio jockey are not too strict. Here are some important things you need to do.

  • You must have taken the 12th. Complete course to start your career as a radio jockey.
  • You should enroll in a good mass communication course.
  • You must take a diploma course or a short certification course.

In addition to all this, you also need to make sure you have a good voice. You must also have a good command of the language. You must be fluent in Hindi and English, as well as the local language. The vocabulary should also be very good so that your language appeals to many people. The best thing about enrolling in the courses is that there is no entrance exam, which means you can be admitted without any problems.

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Courses you can take to become a radio jockey:

As mentioned earlier, it would be helpful to take some mass communication courses instead of general ones. There are many courses, but some are the best and will be very helpful in creating the career you have always dreamed of.

You can register here:

  • Certificate training for announcement, broadcast, adjustment and synchronisation (ABCD)
  • Radio Jockey Certificate Course (RCC)
  • Certificate for the production of radio programmes
  • Diploma in radio control
  • Diploma in radio production and radio jockey (DRJ)
  • Diploma in radio programming and broadcasting management (DRPM).
  • Diploma in Radio Operations and Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Radio and Television Management (PGDM)

It is a good idea to take at least one of these courses after completing Grade 12. His grades in the twelfth grade. Class doesn’t play a big role in becoming a radio jockey, but your degree or certification course makes a big difference. So make sure you complete the course with a good score.

Employment opportunities

As for career options after you graduate, you don’t have to worry. There are numerous employment opportunities in the public and private sectors. You will begin to get opportunities based on your voice, pronunciation, modulation, vocabulary and language skills.

  • One of the best government organizations where you can find jobs is All India Radio (AIR). There are also government and other stations. As a radio jockey you have many opportunities at AIR. The pay will be good, even as a civil servant. In addition, as a civil servant you will receive other benefits such as pensions, retirement and health care. There is also job security if you get a job in the public sector.
  • If you are looking for private sector jobs, there are many radio stations like Radio Star, Radio Mirchi, Red FM, Big FM, Radio Mid-day, Times FM, Radio Wani and many more in India. If you work in the private sector, there is a good competitive environment and there are good incentives. In the private sector, you must perform business management tasks that do not exist in the public sector.

Payments and premiums:

One of the most important things that you should know before choosing this path is the salary that you can get by becoming a radio jockey. There is never a set salary for a radio jockey position. Generally, a beginner can earn between Rs 10,000 and Rs 25,000 per month. But when you start working, your salary will increase. The more popular you are with callers, the higher your salary. You can earn even from one lakh to 1.5 lakh. This way you will get more subscribers for your radio show and it will help you to have a better career.

Career path as radio jockey:

After joining a radio station as a radio jockey, you will be offered different positions. As you get more experience, you can reach a better position. In addition to a degree, many other skills are required. If you master these skills, you can easily progress in your career.

  • AM/FM jockey radio: As an AM/FM radio jockey, you need to interact with the audience you are calling. You are responsible for playing music, speaking to the audience, and sometimes both. You need to respond effectively and spontaneously to impress a large audience.
  • Advertiser: As a freshman, you will only be assigned as a speaker. This is the simplest set that allows you to make all kinds of announcements on the radio station, such as read out short commercials or introduce them to the latest radio programs. You will not be promoted to other positions until you are hired as an advertiser.
  • Talk Radio Jockey: Another good job you can get after completing any of the above courses is Talk Radio Jockey. In this service role, it’s enough to talk about the whole show. It depends on what we’re talking about in the show. It could be about education, politics, social media, love, relationships or any other current topic.
  • A satellite radio host: Another role a radio jockey plays is that of a satellite radio jockey. They run the show and talk about hot sensitive content. There are no restrictions on the Board of Directors. You can talk without any problems.
  • Sports radio presenter: As a Sports Talk Radio Jockey, you can talk about current sporting events, the latest sports news and upcoming sporting events.
  • Newsreader: There is a very specific format for reading news on the radio, which means it takes a lot of practice to become a radio news reader.

There are also many other features that you will use as a radio jockey. It is your experience as a radio jockey that will bring you more and more opportunities. You can choose to work full time or part time at a radio station.

Some of the best colleges in India for radio journalists:

If you want to make a career in a particular field, it is very important that you choose the right degree or program. Choosing the right school or university also plays an important role. By getting an education from a better college or institution, you can get a better education and more career opportunities. So, to get a degree or certificate and pursue a career as a radio jockey, here are some of the best colleges and universities you can check out:

  • Academy 18 Networks Ltd, New Delhi
  • AJK Research Centre for Mass Communication, New Delhi
  • Amity School of Journalism and Communication, Noida.
  • Annapurna International Film and Media School
  • Asian College of Journalism, Chennai.
  • EMPI Institute of Advertising and Communication, New Delhi
  • Indian Film and Television Institute, Pune
  • Garden City University, Bangalore
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi
  • Institute of Mass Communication, Manipal
  • International Media Institute, New Delhi
  • Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.
  • Kamla Nehru College, DU, New Delhi.
  • National School of Drama, New Delhi
  • Radio City Broadcasting School, Mumbai
  • Sardar Patel College of Communication and Management, New Delhi
  • Sir Aurobindo Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.
  • Symbiosis Institute for Media and Communications, Pune
  • Mudra Institute of Communication (MIMC), Ahmedabad
  • Whistling Woods International, Mumbai
  • Wigan and Lee College, New Delhi.
  • Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai
  • YMCA Media Centre, New Delhi
  • Zee Institute for Media Arts, Mumbai

List of major work-performing companies

After you graduate or get your certificate, you have the opportunity to get a job at some of the best radio stations or you can apply to the best radio stations listed below.

  • 104 Fever FM
  • AIR (All India Radio)
  • Big F.M. 92.7
  • Club FM 94.3
  • Radio Mango 91.9
  • Radio midi
  • Radio Mircea 98.3
  • Radio Star
  • Radio Vanya
  • Red FM 93.5
  • Times FM

There are so many benefits you can take advantage of when pursuing a career as a radio jockey. It’s a fun job, and you get to interact with different people every day. In general you have flexible working hours, but sometimes you have to work irregular hours. Once you become a jockey at a radio station, you can work in a number of capacities.

You may have to start your career with a fairly low salary, but it doesn’t have to be forever. Compared to many other professions, this number is small, but it does increase from time to time. It’s a creative role, and many people enjoy doing it. If you are someone who can talk for hours without a prepared script, then this is the job for you. You don’t have to be a doctor or engineer; radio presenters are also very popular, as are many TV presenters and commentators. That way, it won’t be such a difficult job because you will enjoy it more than other jobs. You also have the opportunity to do private shows if you are very popular after a radio show. If you have a good voice, you can also lend your voice to many TV and film artists.

So Radio Jockey is one of the best careers for creative people and if you are a creative person, you should try this job. This will allow you to grow easily in this career.

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