Goose Island Brewhouse: A Day at Goose Island on Clybourn

The Clybourne Brewery on Goose Island is a historic location for the brand. Not only is this the home of Goose Island, but the company continues to leave its mark on Chicago’s landscape.

The folks at Goose Island Brewhouse kindly invited me to come try Off the Mound Burger, a burger made in collaboration with Ryan Dempster for the 22q Family Foundation. Not only was the burger amazing, but the day as a whole was incredible.

As a die-hard Goose Island fan, I wanted to share my experience at Clybourne Brewery and invite you to check it out and! The service, the food and of course the beer are unsurpassed.

Photo: Phil Velasquez/Chicago Tribune

data-medium-file= data-large-file= load=lazy src= alt=Clybourn Brewhouse class=wp-image-128411 jetpack-lazy-image width=840 height=471 data-recalc-dims=1 data-lazy-data-lazy-src=;ssl=1 /> Bar Brewhouse on Goose Island. The hall was remodeled in 2017 to give it a fresh, clean look.
Photo: Phil Velasquez/Chicago Tribune


The Goose Island Brewery is uniquely located in the city. Located at N Sheffield Avenue and N Clybourne Avenue, Goose Island is ideally situated to attract the masses. The brewery is sharing the parking lot with another company, but the classic Goose Island logo remains on the building, along with other elements that bear the iconic symbol.

The brewery greets you with beautiful wood designs and artwork. The interior has the feel of a local pub, reminiscent of Goose Island’s roots rather than the giant corporate look that some of the bigger brands have. It is an aesthetically pleasing place to visit, and you will never run out of art and design to look at while enjoying your food and drink. The exposed bricks, along with the aforementioned artwork, are a visual addition you didn’t know you needed.

The brewery is relatively easy to get to, with the North/Claybourne red line stop nearby, as well as the Armitage purple and brown line stops. The area is also pretty easy to get to if you are a resident of the Goose Island and Triangle Ranch area.


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How can you not talk about food? On my visit, I tried the Off the Mound burger, with crispy prosciutto, incredible caramelized onions, and a decadent marrow butter. Seriously, read the article and try not to visit until the end of April. The Off the Mound burger isn’t the only incredible food on the menu.

The Brewhouse offers a very traditional pub-style menu, complemented by some unique dishes using some well-known Goose Island products, such as the Bourbon Country Stout. On the menu are delicious burgers, fake macaroni and cheese and more. If you come during the day on weekends, you can also venture out for brunch, which is served on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 2pm.

Chef Henry Pariser and company have done an incredible job with the flavors, presentation and aromas of their dishes. It really adds to the solid beer selection this place offers. What better way to accompany an incredible meal than with a fantastic beer?


Goose Island has a number of beers that are well known outside of Chicago. 312, Green Line, and their classic IPAs are sold in stores and are quite popular. However, there are a handful of beers that are unique to the brewery’s location. The beer alone is worth a stop. One of the beers on offer is Cubbie Blue, a blueberry pale ale that is not only light, but also incredibly refreshing.

The brewery also sells Goose Island beers that you can take home. They just released their first Hazy Chicago Series beer, Hazy Stub Ripper. The brewery is probably the best place to get some of these, as well as many of their Bourbon County stouts that are hard to find in stores.

Don’t miss the chance to taste lots of beers! There’s plenty of choice, and it’s worth finding out what you like and don’t like by trying out some of those that pique your curiosity.


How does a brewery distinguish itself from others? Besides the good food, location and beer that many places have, it’s the staff. The customer experience can completely change your opinion of a place, regardless of the quality of the products. Fortunately for those visiting Goose Island, you don’t have to have that fear.

During my visit to the brewery, Lacey and Lisa, the location manager and my waitress respectively, were simply amazing. They were both warm and welcoming, asking questions about the food, the beer and the place itself. They have made the day even more enjoyable than it already was, and guarantee that your visit will be just as spectacular.

If you’re lucky, you might meet brewer John or chef Henry, who will do everything they can to make sure your palate is satisfied after your visit. All in all, the staff at Goose Island Brewery made an already great visit even better.

If you haven’t done so lately, head to the Clybourne Brewery on Goose Island before the end of April and try the Off the Mound burger. From there, check out all the other delicious food and drink this place has to offer! Who knows, maybe in the future it will become a meeting place for you, your friends and your family.

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