What is a cricket free hit?

There are many aspects to consider in cricket when a ball is thrown by a bowler and hit by the batter. The https://www.in.1xbet.com/ is full of betting possibilities that can be taken advantage of when great bowlers are in the field.

There is a particular situation called a free hit. In order to understand how this works, let’s imagine the following situation. If a bowler throws a ball that ends in a no-ball, the next delivery will be a free hit. When this happens, the batsman can be dismissed from the game in only three situations, which are:


  • run out;
  • hit the ball twice;
  • and obstructing the field.

The likelihood of these dismissals is also featured on the 1xBet website, where punters can make pre-match and live wagers. All the other dismissals like caught, bowled or stumped are not considered when delivering a free hit.

Relationship with no-balls

The concept of the cricket free hit is relatively new. In fact, it was introduced in international cricket only in 2007. When wagering on 1xBet – any odds for cricket can be used also for betting on situations of this kind.

Initially, only no-balls that originated from foot faults awarded a free hit. However, after careful analysis, an important amendment to the rule was made in 2015. From that point on, every no-ball situation would result in a subsequent free hit delivery. Punters can enjoy any odds for cricket betting on 1xBet, which also include the chance to bet on no-ball situations.

It should be noted that the batsman may also be awarded a free hit. This can happen if the ball is thrown in a way that results in a full toss above the waist.

Advantages of receiving a free hit

Batters can take some great advantages when awarded a free hit. When faced with such a situation, batsmen can hit the ball in a more powerful way, as there are far less chances of being dismissed. Before the next dismissal make sure to visit 1xBet – best betting app download can be done for free for iOS and Android devices.

There are some fielding restrictions that must be considered when free hit situations happen. For example, the fielders are supposed to remain in the same place where they were positioned during the no-ball. The only exception is with the wicketkeeper, as he is allowed to change position due to safety reasons. Punters can download the best betting app, which is the one offered by 1xBet, which also allows its members to wager on many cricket situations.

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