Three Monolith Sightings: See Location, Maps & Coordinates

Three Monolith Sightings: See Location, Maps & Coordinates
Three Monolith Sightings: See Location, Maps & Coordinates

Office of Land Management, Utah.

The Utah Monument before it was taken.

So far three mysterious monoliths have been seen – two in the United States and one in Romania. Two of the three are missing, but the third monolith in California is still standing at the time of publication. Where were those monoliths? What clues do we have so far about their origins? You will find everything you need to know about monolithic maps and their coordinates, as well as photos that compare their appearance.

The first monolith was found in Utah and then disappeared.

We have received credible information that an illegally installed structure, a so-called monolith, has been kidnapped by an unknown party. The BLM has not removed a structure that is considered private property. For more information:

– BLM Utah (@BLMUtah) 29. November 2020.

The first of the three monoliths was found in Utah. Disappeared on the 18th. November was found when the Aeroburo of the Utah Department of Public Safety in the southeast of the state, divided by the Bureau of Physical Planning, had large horned sheep. The monolith was embedded in the ground in a remote area.

Google Earth’s photos suggest that the structure has existed at least since 2015 or 2016, but Lieutenant Nick Street of the Department of Public Safety said it could have existed before the age of 40 or 50, the Daily Mail reports. Regarding the chronology, there is a theory that it may be part of a series of works by John McCracken, who died in 2011.

Reddit users could follow the position of the monolith in the river. This is the place you found in Google Earth. Another speaker from Reddit shared a link to Google Maps regarding the estimated location of the monolith, which you can see below. The truck has not yet visited this location, so it cannot confirm its accuracy. It is probably difficult to reach and therefore, according to experts, it has not been discovered for so long.

On the night of the 27th. In November the building was seized.

We may not know whether the monolithic structure was installed by an alien or an earthling, but we can confirm that it was taken over by one or more unknown parties. For more information: #monolite #utahmonolite #utah

– BLM Utah (@BLMUtah) 30. November 2020.

Ross Bernards, a photographer from Colorado, said he saw a group of four people take the monolith. He said as soon as they dropped him, they chopped him up and dragged him into the car. He told the Seattle Times he heard a man say that’s why you don’t leave garbage in the desert.

You can see Bernard’s message about what happened below.

Later Sylvan Slacks wrote about TikTok that he and his friends were responsible.

@Silvanian Languages

Keep looking for more information #fip #utahmonolite #livenotraßa

♬ Unknown matters (main topic) – I like TV topics

Andy Lewis, the BASE ski jumper and famous vagrant, told the Salt Lake Tribune that he belonged to the group that removed the monolith. He said they didn’t install the structure, but removed it to help the environment. The origin of the monolith is still unknown.

The second monolith from Romania has also disappeared

About two weeks ago in the American desert of Utah a mast was seen that resembles the alien pole. He disappeared after causing an international sensation among the fans of 2/4

– Reuters Science News (@ReutersScience) 1. December 2020.

The second monolith in Romania was built on the 26th. November. It was located on the Batcha Doamnay hill in the town of Pyatra Neamt, a few meters from the dactical Petrodachian Dacian fortress, reports the Daily Mail. It was on private property in a protected archaeological site.

Below is the approximate location of the monolith, according to reports placed near the old fortress of Petrodavskaja in Romania. Remember that this is not an exact location, but an approximate map based on reports in the area.

This structure was about two meters high. He disappeared on the 30th. November, CNET reported. A local publication reported that mysterious lights were seen in the area around the time of his disappearance.

Third Monolith in California


There is currently a monolith at the top of the pine mountain in Atasquadero!

– Connor Allen (@ConnorCAllen) 2. December 2020

The third monolith is similar in shape and size to the monument in Utah. It’s said to be on top of the Mountain of Pines in Atasquadero, California. It is triple and has a width of 10 feet by 18 inches. Just like the Utah monolith, it seems to have been fitted with rivets and welded on the sides.

On the Reddit satellite, users have indicated the approximate position of the monolith Atasquadero as it is located at the coordinates 35.4938903504617, -120.66098790465516.

According to Paso Robles Daly, the monolith is located at the top of Pine Mountain in the stadium park. In their story they presented the following map, which shows the approximate route to the stadium park. Again, this may not be the exact location, but a common area where the monolith is located:

Local hiker Gary Lyons told KTVU that he saw the third monolith on Wednesday morning, but not the day before.

It weighs about 200 pounds and is not fixed to the ground, as reported. It looks a little thinner than the monument in Utah. Officials warn tourists to keep their distance, because a sharp rise could derail this approach.

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