Robin Comes Out as Bisexual in New Batman Comic

Robin, the sidekick of Batman, has a big secret that’s been kept hidden for years. According to a recent interview with artist Pat Gleason, she’s bisexual. Gleason has drawn many of the sidekicks in the Batman comic books, but only in recent years has she begun exploring their sexuality.

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In an issue of Batman—the Dark Knight—the popular DC Comics superhero finds himself in a relationship with a girl, not a boy. The new issue of Batman, which comes out in next-week’s comics, has Robin dating a girl, not a boy, after one of their biggest fans, a young adult named Eric, comes out as bisexual.



Tim Drake, a bisexual DC character who goes by the moniker Robin, is one of the DC characters who goes by the name Robin. In today’s #6 of Batman: Urban Legends, the newest chapter of DC Comics’ ongoing Batman Family anthology book, Tim comes to this conclusion (SPOILERS follow). Writer Meghan Fitzmartin, illustrator Belén Ortega, colorist Alejandro Sánchez, and letterer Pat Brosseau collaborated on the tale “Sum of Our Parts,” which features Robin. In today’s third chapter, Robin saves Bernard from being sacrificed by the Chaos Monsters, bringing the tale to a close. Tim experiences a “lightbulb moment” while fighting with Bernard, and later decides to go on a date with Bernard in his civilian guise.

“Sum of Our Parts” comes to a close, but Tim’s tale is far from over. In December, Batman: Urban Legends #10 will continue his adventure.

Tim Drake fans are ecstatic with this news, as they’ve suspected for a long time that DC was building up to this moment for the character. Some of what they’re saying may be seen below.

For Tim Drake fans, this is shaping up to be a huge week. Tim will join the cast of HBO’s Max’s Titans live-action series, played by Jay Lycurgo, when the show returns for its third season on August 12th, in addition to his role in Batman: Urban Legends.

What are your thoughts? Please let us know in the comments section. Batman: Urban Legends #6 is now available for purchase.

  • Batman: Urban Legends #6
  • APR219226
  • Red Hood: The epic “Cheer” narrative arc comes to a close, and Red Hood’s relationship with Batman is permanently altered. Will the erstwhile Dynamic Duo be able to permanently remove the Cheerdrop drug off the streets? Or will they remain at the mercy of the evil who built it for the rest of their lives? Will Red Hood be able to locate Tyler, the child he’s pledged to protect, a new home? Tim Drake: Tim Drake is in the Chaos Monsters’ lair with the other abducted Gotham City youths. Tim will have to accept assistance from his buddy Bernard and learn something about himself that he never knew in order to liberate himself and the other teenagers. This is the start of a brand-new chapter in Tim Drake’s life, and you won’t want to miss it! Oracle locates some Batman equipment that has been missing since The Joker War and enlists the assistance of her old pal Dinah Lance! Fists will fly, the Canary will scream, and a breathtaking new adventure will begin. The shocking and awe-inspiring conclusion will leave readers speechless! Maxwell Lord was pursued by the HALO Corporation’s top field agent, code-named Zealot. The enemy, on the other hand, has a guardian angel in the shape of…Wonder Woman? There will be a battle for the ages!
  • 11th of August, 2021
  • $7.99 suggested retail price


Tim Drake’s coming out is incredibly inspirational; DC never wanted a gay Robin, but it eventually occurred after years of lobbying from authors and fans.

Meghan Fitzmartin, Belén Ortega, and Alejandro Sánchez deserve a huge thank you for making this moment so special.

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In the latest issue of the latest Batman comic book written by Tom King, former Teen Titan Nightwing comes out as bisexual. Comic book fans have been speculating about Nightwing’s sexuality since the comic book series started in 2011, and last year, King confirmed that Nightwing was gay. Now, King is finally giving Nightwing the spotlight and a chance to tell his story.. Read more about nightwing #81 2021 and let us know what you think.

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