Must have earrings in your wardrobe for each occasion

Your jewellery wardrobe is significant just like your outfit wardrobe. Earrings have the magical powers to brighten every smile, clothing or occasion. You can do without accessorising with any necklace, however, it simply just feels right to not opt for earrings.

An ideal pair of earrings can help distinguish any outfit, whether ethnic or western. To suit various dresses, face types and hairstyles, there is an assortment of earrings to pick from. You have to choose earrings that look good on you if you wish to be noticeable in the crowd, a pair that not just suits your collection but looks beautiful on your face too.

An earring collection cannot be done in one day or two and would require an eternal collection of multipurpose pieces. It will take a year or two and you must continue adding earrings to your collection. Here are some must-have earrings in your closet for any occasion.


Women with oblong or oval faces will look incredible with studs, with their forehead as wide as their cheekbones and the rest of the face narrow. The best thing about studs is that any dress, semi-formal or formal, goes with them. For the day-to-day look, studs with cluster tops, single gems, or pearl studs are an excellent choice. Select small patterns and put on dresses with them.

Ear cuffs

They offer multiple piercings a good illusion. They can offer you an appearance that’s trendy and boho. Pair them with western outfits and flaunt them proudly. With several new gold beautiful earrings designs and models, there is a wide range to select from even in the ear cuffs group. They serve as an elegant statement piece and add that edge to your attire in the best way.

Drop earrings

These earrings are sophisticated as they appear stunning whether they are long or short. You can often pair them with any conventional outfit, from anarkalis to sarees. Not only ethnic outfits, but these earrings also go well even with contemporary attires. They can be a great way to add glamour to your power dressing approach too.


The ear hoops are simple and elegant. They come in handy when you are unsure about which earring to choose. Easy hoops are pleasing to the eye and your appearance adds an everlasting elegance to the ones with pearls or any other details.

You can pair them up with fashionable choker designs for deep necklines, thereby completely levelling up your clothing game. They are extremely versatile and so they can be sported for casual and formal events.

Diamond earrings

The beaming glow of women is when they show off their diamonds, rarely seen with any other stone. The aura that the diamonds can cast, regardless of where the women are from, is certain to give them the appreciation they deserve. You cannot go wrong with diamond studs or danglers paired with a classy and chic red or black dress for your date night. If you want to be a bit more formal, you most certainly have plentiful choices.

A day out with your besties is when you can let the hair down and just do what you desire. You can keep the look graceful yet chic with some gemstone stud earrings in different shapes like pear, heart or trillion. The ones with floral halos are a good way to lend a womanly touch to your attire too. Alternatively, dangle and drop earrings in modern styles will be a creative, bold and gorgeous choice too. When you talk about gems, any coloured gem like morganite, opal, amethyst or tanzanite is good to go.

If you have not commenced your earring collection yet, you are sure to enjoy the shopping spree at as you have countless varieties and assortments to pick from. You can have good fun choosing them.

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