How to watch the US election in the UK: Time, channels, what to expect

A voter wears a badge in the U.S. presidential election I voted for today.

Several television stations broadcast the American night elections live in Great Britain (Photo: Mark McKell/Getty Pictures).

The date of the U.S. elections is Tuesday the 3rd. November, and while the clock is ticking, Donald Trump and Joe Biden do their utmost to convince the American people to give them a voice.

Some believe that this is the most important election in the history of the US, and the two candidates are so strongly opposed to virtually every issue.

This way you can follow the live reporting on the election night.

How to observe coverage of US elections in the United Kingdom

Stakeholders in the UK can follow the event live on election night, through various channels set up to provide their own reporting and analysis.


Katie Kay and Andrew Neal will be the presenters of the American Election Night program, which will be broadcasted on One, News Channel, World News and iPlayer.

Report starts on the 3rd. November at 23:30 GMT, with Kay in Washington and Neil in London.

Laura Trevelyan, Rita Chuckrabarty and Matthew Amroiliwala meet on the 4th. November at 9 a.m. GMT, followed by Jane O’Brien and Lucy Hawkings from 1 p.m. GMT.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks at a meeting.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks at a meeting at the Celleris Amphitheater in Lakewood. (Photo: Andrew Harnick/AP)


Election report on ITV titled Trump vs. Biden : The results start at 23:00 GMT and continue throughout the night.

The program is led by Julie Etcingham, who is based in the state of Florida, and Tom Bradby in London.

Heavenly messages

The American Sky News election manifesto entitled America Decides will be published on the 3rd day. November from 22:00 GMT presented by Dermot Murnagan from Washington, DC.

On this side of the pond, Ed Conway of London will tell a story.


You can also choose the US version by connecting to CNN, which will broadcast on 3. November from 5 a.m. to UTC, the elections were announced.

To view this video, enable JavaScript and consider switching to a browser that supports HTML5 video.

When will the results of the US elections be published?

The final results of the elections in the United States can only be announced in the days or weeks following election day.

Indeed, a record number of voters decided to send their ballots by post.

Some states, such as Mississippi, plan to count ballots that are submitted before the deadline, but only arrive after the deadline.

And while Nevada and some other states started counting the ballots in mid-October, other states don’t start counting until the same day.

In the meantime, millions of people will vote personally that day.

At least a few hours after the end of the election, on the evening of the third election day. We should receive information about the November 11th elections, and it is still possible that the results will be announced the next day.

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