Glen Kamara says Ondrej Kudela racism denial a ‘complete and utter lie’

Ondrej Kudela’s comments led to a scuffle on the pitch late in the game at Ibrox.

Rangers’ Glen Kamara insists Ondrej Kudela was racially insulted and says the Slavia player’s denial is a complete lie.

The Finnish international was visibly upset by the comments after the 2-0 Europa League defeat at Ibrox.

But Kamara said: I was shocked and appalled to hear such a racist statement from a professional footballer.

In a statement through his lawyer, Kamara said Mr Kudela kept his mouth shut and used profanity and a racist term.

Kudela admitted to cursing while covering her mouth, but not the vile accusation of racism.

Midfiler added: As a player in 2021, I don’t expect to be exposed to racial hatred on or off the field like any other player. Ondrej Kudela’s vile racist insult took place on the international stage and any inaction by the Uefa will be seen as a green light for racism.

There is no place for racism or any kind of sectarianism in football. Since the summer, many of us have knelt in solidarity with those who have given their lives to racist violence. If Uefa are serious about showing the red card to racism, it’s time to stop the tokenism and take a zero tolerance stance.

Slavia Prague deplored the fact that Kudela was the victim of a violent attack after the match and said a criminal complaint was being filed.

As for Kudela’s version of events on the field, Kamara described it as a complete lie that will not stand up to further scrutiny, adding that it was strong enough for his teammate Bongani Zungu to hear.

I am grateful for the unconditional support of my team, our club and especially our manager Steven Gerrard, Kamara added.

I want to thank not only our Rangers fans, but also many fans from across the football community and beyond who have shouted racism, not only at themselves, but also at another Rangers fan, Kemar Ruf, who was subjected to a tirade of racist bile on Instagram.

We black people are sick of the freedom that bigots like this are given to spew their hate on social media and wonder when Instagram will do something about it.

Slavia say their criminal complaint includes a list of witnesses, including Rangers manager Steven Gerrard.

A statement said the Czech embassy in London would formally file the club’s complaint, but a Police Scotland spokesman said on Friday: Neither club reported any fouls in relation to yesterday’s match.

Scottish Police have contacted the club and assured that all allegations will be fully investigated.

Slavia claims that the alleged attack on Kudela after the game was premeditated, including the deliberate blacking out of the cameras at the scene, adding that the brutal attack was carried out with all the intensity necessary to inflict bodily harm and physical damage.

In addition to Gerrard, delegates from European governing body UEFA and club staff were also said to have witnessed the incident.

Rangers chief Stuart Robertson said his club is waiting for a strong and clear response from UEFA over the matter.

Uefa has already confirmed that it will investigate the events at Ibrox.

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