Games Inbox: Will the PS5 be back in stock in February?

PlayStation 5 – the hunt is on (Photo: Sony)

Asked in Friday’s inbox about the hardest software game, as one reader claims, Argos has been the fairest with his stock PS5.

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Better luck next time,
. So we have a lot of news this week about the PlayStation 5 going on sale again, and as usual it only takes a few minutes, but I still don’t have it and I have no idea when the next opportunity will arise. Will there be more every week from now on? What is the official word for Sony (or Microsoft)? This situation is not only confusing, but also frustrating and annoying.

I’m not even sure we can blame them for the pandemic. I certainly haven’t heard them use that as an excuse. It seems that AMD’s CEO has just suggested that they have a lot going on right now and that they won’t be able to accelerate what looks like business as usual until the second half of the year.

I mean… I mean… It’s good that everyone wants consoles, it certainly silences all the people who keep saying consoles are dying, but it looks like the shortage will continue until there’s a coronavirus.

GC: In short, no one knows, because there has never been an official communication on the subject. However, all rumours point to mid-February – GAME mentions the 26th, for example. February as the release date.

Lara Prime
A surprisingly unremarkable announcement about the new Tomb Raider. I feel like the mixed reviews of the last few games have lowered the profile of the game at Square Enix. But I like the idea of something a little reminiscent of the original games, and I’d love to see a more mature Lara.

I remember GC, or maybe it was a reader, saying that Lara’s old style – like Old Snake’s – would be the most interesting thing to happen to the character, and I agree. The biggest problem with modern games is that Lara has no personality. She’s cool and… That’s all I’m saying. It’s his character. But the world is tired of Lara seeing everything. Maybe train a prodigy, that would be interesting.

I imagine her to be bold and brash, like the real Lara. I think of Lady Olenna, but maybe twenty years younger (I don’t know exactly how old she must have been). Diana Rigg would have been good for the voice of the old Lara, but maybe it’s Joanna Lumley now? I don’t know if they would go there, but I would play that game.

Next gen low
I really thought jubilant scalpers were the scariest thing about launching a new gen console. Now I think it might be the people I read about who have a new console but never play on it. They usually back this up by saying they are stuck on their computer doing what you want.

It’s a joke, because the lack of new content is common with all console launches, so there are many reasons to go back to the old ones. But as someone who would love a new console but doesn’t currently have one, I find you annoying. Maybe I’m too sensitive. I’m very tired.

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Serious Verdict
FromSoftware is now one of my favorite developers besides Nintendo and Capcom.

I’m still progressing slowly in Dark Souls 3, almost always leveling up and going to the Cathedral of the Deep and to Farron after defeating a wandering demon.

It took me a few tries, but I knew I could win after the first one. Although I love Dark Souls, it’s mostly… darkness that brings me to Sekiro: Shadows die twice.

I really want to try it, I love the Japanese setting and the whole samurai and shinobi thing, and it’s so much more colorful than Dark Souls. In fact, I’ve read a lot about it being even harder than Dark Souls, which even the veterans of Souls had a hard time with.

I know you guys are big fans of FromSoftware, so how hard is it to tell what CG is? You want me to go for it?

GC: Difficulty is not something many people agree on. Personally, we found the boss fights harder than average, but everything else was a little easier.

Single translation
Regarding Andrew J’s letter about translating Xbox 360 scores, I still have my Xbox 360 installed, so I can give you some advice.

You have to go to Xbox 360 > System > Storage, then select the storage device, then go to Games and Applications. Then find the game you want and press the Y key to select the game options. You can then copy, move or delete the game data.

When you download the game to the Xbox One, you should see a pop-up indicating that a cloud sync is in progress. Otherwise, just find the game on your Xbox One and press the menu button, then navigate to the game controls and add-ons.

As far as I know, you can’t do that for every game at once, you have to do it for every game. I hope this will help you.
Chaosphere616 (Gamertag)

Happy Development
I thought I’d take a moment to say how happy I’ve been with the Xbox Series X. I think it’s a matter of evolution rather than revolution, and I see it as a very viable option for the future. It makes sense when developing any new console to take into account the existing user base and encourage a smooth transition to the new version, rather than simply dropping the old console and starting over with the new, as has been done in the past.

I understand the complaints about the lack of exclusive titles, but honestly, I just enjoyed the multi-format games at their best (better than my Xbox One, not to mention better than the PlayStation 5) with almost zero loading time. As for XCOM 2 on the Xbox Series X, it’s something to be believed. Virtually no loading time, fast assembly, etc. This makes the game a dream come true. Add in Game Pass and a version of Cyberpunk 2077 that actually works, and I have more than enough games to keep me busy for a while. Fitting is really important to me because I never run out of things to play with.

I guess it depends on what you’re looking for. I remember the first few months you could only see the exclusives on a new console, so it had to be decent (which is rarely the case), whereas with the Xbox Series X there is a lot to enjoy and everything works better than before.

I really see this as the way forward for consoles: a new version, an updated version a few years later, and a new backwards compatible console when the generation ends.

Take a break
I’m really surprised there hasn’t been a PlayStation 5 patch for The Last Of Us Part 2 since day one, it seems a bit odd that they missed it. Unless they stopped working on the original, in which case I think it’s worth taking a little break (especially since the Naughty Dogs are known for their use of crunch).

I would like to know if it really made a difference. The graphics of the PlayStation 4 versions are so great that I don’t see how they could be any better. The latter was also similar in this regard, as I hardly noticed any difference in remastering.
Rocker switch

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Least Worst Case Scenario
I disagree with the recent Argos reviews of PlayStation 5 sales. Partly because I got it from them this week, but I’ve also had that feeling before because, as far as I know, they are the only retailer that has stood up and done something reasonable for the real customers who have gone to great lengths to get it.

It seems they stocked up on the spot, which meant the Brits didn’t have wide access to all the stock they had at the same time, which Carris, GAMI, John Lewis and giants like Amazon didn’t, as tens of thousands of us missed the event by not visiting their website just 60 seconds after the stock dropped. My phone didn’t wake me up to a notification from Argos until half an hour after the IPO, and I still managed to secure my PlayStation 5 by tapping on the website for another hour.

Yes, sneaky and pathetic scammers have hacked into their website and then relied on the fact that the closest thing we have now – face-to-face shopping (click and pick at local Argos and Sainsbury’s stores) – is being disguised by people just looking at the order confirmation and picking a box off the shelf.

But as far as I know, they learned it behind the scenes, and their method was still the safest way for someone to get out of the local stock that most scalpers (and most people elsewhere in the UK) couldn’t access. Other retailers may not be able to distribute local drops in a few hours, but I don’t think Argos just did what everyone else did.

As mentioned in the GC article, their delivery times were incredibly good and reliable, and I’m pretty sure I received my PlayStation 5 faster than the people who ordered it from GAME on the 19th and paid £20 for it. I ordered from Argos on the morning of the 26th and delivery was on the morning of the 27th (and I had several delivery options earlier).

Yes, getting up at 2am and looking at the website for an hour is always an effort, but it’s a sad reality now that you have to do some homework and prepare if you really want to do it. I also don’t think most companies want their only way of doing business to be forced to their knees for a few hours in the middle of the day because a small portion of their customer base is too busy. That happened last week at Currys, and Argos has a much wider range.

It won’t be long before demand equals supply, and I agree that Sony should not be silent on this issue. But it’s important to note that all the things that dash our hopes (especially the excruciating gloating of scalpers, lies and misleading rumors about new price drops, and comments like I give up; the bots win every time) are often deliberate tactics by parasites desperate to play the game with our hands in the name of futility.

It’s easy for me to say this now that I have it, but my attitude was the same before. If you think I can afford to pay more, that I can do whatever I want with my money, and that it’s worth doing this soul searching, then you’re ignoring all of these factors. Scammers can easily ignore such limited logic, and we end up with the kind of selfish feedback loop that causes such problems in the first place.

So if this guy has been a Sonic voice actor for 10 years, does that mean he hasn’t played any good games at all? Wasn’t there a voice over in Sonic Mania? I’m not even sure Sonic Colours was the best thing to do next.

It’s shocking to think that Donkey Kong turns 40 next July. I wonder if Nintendo will have anything to do with it?

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