Coding Test For Hiring Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 6 Tips

A coding test for hiring can help you find the perfect candidate for your job. If you are using a standard coding test, your candidate might struggle in their interview because they are unfamiliar with such an intense screening process. The best way to get around this is by giving your candidate a hint about what to expect, so they know how to prepare. A basic coding test is simple, and the logic is the same for all candidates so that no one fails to get hired because of the problematic coding test. Some companies hire only people who complete the coding test with flying colours. Still, other companies employ only people who ace their coding tests. 

What is the coding test for hiring?

A coding test for hiring is a short program designed to evaluate a candidate’s ability to write code. A typical coding test consists of several problems that test different aspects of code writing skills. Most companies use a pre-written program to save time and get the most accurate results. The test is usually multiple choice. The biggest tip to getting through a coding test is to answer the questions correctly because it does not matter if the candidate tries to cheat on the code writing portion.

What is the structure of a typical coding test?

A typical coding test structure usually consists of three sections that are the same. A specific coding test problem either gives you a set of information and asks you to write the code based on that information, or you are given a piece of code and asked to fix specific problems. The pre-written program is designed to be impossible to cheat, so candidates should not try anything other than writing the solution for each issue in the time provided to them.

Coding tests have a particular set of criteria that all coders should meet. This means that if candidates do not meet these criteria, they are ignoring the employer’s rules, which will most likely result in a failed coding test. Most companies want their employees to adhere to their company standards and produce work that is readable and clear enough for other developers to understand the code they write and make the necessary changes without any problems. 

1: Provide Specific Details For Your Coding Test

If you are specifically looking for a candidate who will be able to read data from a file and run it through specific algorithms to get results, then your coding test should reflect that. The more detailed instructions you provide about what the test will entail and the format of the solution, the better prepared your candidate will be. This will also help them understand how your company handles code and what specific things they are being tested on. A candidate utterly unprepared for an interview because they have never seen the coding they will be tested on in their current job will not do as well.

2: Explain The Format Of Your Question

This is one of the essential parts of a coding test. If a company wants candidates to submit code in a specific format, it should make that clear instead of leaving candidates guessing if their code is correct. If your coder needs to use semicolons and you do not specify them, chances are your candidate and any other people who take your test will forget about them and submit their answers without them. Using all the required punctuation and format is just as important as the subject matter of a code test.

3: Theoretical Details Are Very Important To Know

Most employers want all aspects of their coding tests to be based on correct logic, which means that your candidates will not be as successful if they cannot understand how things work through theory. They need to have an understanding of what is going on under the hood so they can write programs in a way that other people will understand them. If your company has a specific approach to solving problems, explain it clearly so potential candidates can learn it quickly without any issues.

4: Provide Examples Of The Problems That You Expect Them To Solve

Many companies will give examples of the problems they want their candidates to solve. An example will give your candidate an outline of what they should be looking for and how they should write their code. This will also help them identify common mistakes when completing coding tests. By providing examples, you also give them a chance to try out anything you think might not work on your test and get some practice beforehand.

5: Learn about the processes that are being used in the industry

Make sure you know all about the processes being used in the industry because you need to understand where your code will go. If your company works with clients from another country, then you must test your candidate on international names. It does not matter if they use a different programming language for the job, and it is still essential that they know how to account for foreign characters in their code.

6: Formatting And Coding Conventions Are Important To Know

The formatting and coding conventions are essential to know because they will help your candidate write code in a way that you can read later on. If you want your code to be readable and accessible for other programmers to look through, then your candidates must understand the standard for writing their code like the back of their hand. It does not matter if some people do not like what those standards are. The most important thing is that your candidates meet them so they can produce work that makes sense and is easy for other programmers to maintain.

What is a computer skill test?

A computer skill test is designed to test a candidate’s knowledge of different computer-related topics. A typical computer skill test is used to determine a candidate’s familiarity with the operating system and other software used in their job. They can also be used as a way to check how well candidates can use databases or different types of coding languages. Most employers ensure that they include at least one section focused on testing how well the candidate can use their computer and the applications they will use for their work at their new job.

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