Biden and Harris make a joint appearance in memory of the 400,000 Americans lost to COVID

COVID-19 has caused more than 400,000 casualties in the United States. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made their first appearance together in Washington, D.C., to celebrate this loss. The site of the ceremony was in front of the Lincoln Memorial. A total of 400 lights illuminated the reflection pool to commemorate the more than 400,000 people who died during the pandemic. It symbolized their determination to echo the change in tone of the Trump administration. The president-elect came directly from Andrews Common Base. The first lady was waiting for Jill Biden and the second gentleman was waiting for Doug Emhoff.

President Joe Biden said that to heal, we must remember. Sometimes it’s hard to remember. But that’s how you heal. He wanted people to glow in the dark, between sunset and sunset, along with the sacred pool. Vice President Kamala Harris also shared her thoughts. She said: Tonight we gather those who mourn to honor those who have died. She commented on the lack of seriousness on the part of the Trump administration and lamented that we ourselves are in mourning. But things have changed, and the American people are now united in spirit. Gospel singer Yolanda Adams sang Hallelujah. There was another Amazing Grace song by a nurse from Michigan. The church was joined in the opening ceremony by Cardinal Wilton Gregory, the Catholic Archbishop of Washington.

She began with a prayer for those who died of the coronavirus.

Joe Biden wants to show example.

In earlier dedications, the Lincoln Memorial served as the setting for ceremonies. In 2017, Donald Trump used it as a concert venue. Earlier, in 2009, Barack Obama also participated in a concert attended by thousands of people. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris support the arts, but the scenario for 2021 is different.

Only the police and the National Guard were seen there. The streets were empty and fenced in around the National Mall. Important buildings such as the Empire State Building in New York were illuminated. In short, the mountain was one America.

Fighting COWID-19 is a priority for Biden.

The ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial ushered in a new era in the fight against COWID-19.

Joe Biden has promised to make the fight against the coronavirus a top priority. He would lead the way amid unprecedented security measures. Instead of the usual crowd on opening day, there would have been thousands of flags on the National Mall. The 400,000 deaths due to the coronavirus exceed the total number of American deaths in various wars such as World War I, Korea and Vietnam. In fact, the number of deaths in America due to the pandemic is the highest in the world. Donald Trump has underestimated the threat. He also didn’t like safety measures like face masks and locks. It also ignored the advice of scientific experts and showed little compassion for the victims. The president has a difficult job ahead of him, and he has many problems.

Biden reportedly plans to make executive decisions on critical issues during the first 10 days of his tenure.

Deep concern about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

According to the Independent UK, COVID-19 is a major concern for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Both stressed the need to ensure vaccine supply and contain the spread of the coronavirus. They are on their list of priorities along with economic recovery. The pandemic has destroyed businesses and ruined lives. The new government wants to develop mechanisms for a return to normality. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris volunteered at food banks and encouraged Americans to participate in Martin Luther King’s National Day of Service. They are responsible for correcting many errors made by the outgoing administration.

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