3 trades to help Grizzlies take next step after playoff loss to Jazz

The Memphis Grizzlies have a lot of moving parts that are going to need to be put in place following the loss to the Utah Jazz in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Here are three trades I’d be considering for the Grizzlies, in the order of how I would prioritize them:

The Memphis Grizzlies pushed the Utah Jazz to the limit, but fell short 103-97 on Friday, ending their first-round playoff series at three games to two. As the team prepares for the offseason, here are three trades that could help the Grizzlies take the next step after their disappointing first-round exit.

The story of the Memphis Grizzlies can be traced back to the summer of 2014, the year the club drafted Robert “Big Ticket” Davis with the 12th overall pick. The Grizzlies would go on to draft Josh Jackson, Dillon Brooks, Andrew Harrison, and Markelle Fultz in their four-year run of being a playoff team, going to the postseason three times before finally being eliminated by the Utah Jazz in the first round of the playoffs. (The franchise had been eliminated in the first round the year prior, then won their first playoff game just two months later.)

The Memphis Grizzlies were destroyed in five games by the Utah Jazz in the first round of the NBA playoffs. They’ve taken a big step in the right direction, as Ja Morant has proven to be a star throughout the series. Although the Grizzlies nearly made the playoffs last year, many doubted they could this year. Morant led this team to the playoffs by surrounding it with a young core. The Grizzlies have a chance to be a playoff team every year if they make some trades. If the Grizzlies can make these important changes in the offseason, they will be ready for the future. Here are 3 trades that will help the Grizzlies take the next step after their playoff exit against the Jazz.

Possible trade with the Grizzlies

3. Derrick White Guard

The Grizzlies are led by defenseman Morant, but could use a good scorer as a 6th man. Derrick White is averaging 15 points per game this season, and the Grizzlies could increase his scoring chances. White would fit in well with the Grizzlies as a sixth man, but he recently signed a four-year contract with the San Antonio Spurs. It may be hard to trade him, but Memphis should look at him and see what the price tag would be. If the Grizzlies can take over White, the bench’s performance in scoring will improve.

2. For Thaddeus Young

Thaddeus Young has been one of the biggest surprises this season, as his impact on the Chicago Bulls has been huge. He averaged 12 points and 6 rebounds on the season and played great for the Bulls. Young would be a great player for the Grizzlies as he would become a veteran of the team. He fits in well with the team and can help the younger players develop in Memphis’ locker room. Young is entering the final year of his contract, making this a low-risk, high-reward deal for the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies could become a better team if they add Young.

1. Forward Dario Saric

Dario Saric could be a good option for Memphis. He’s a great player who can create space for Morant and the Grizzlies offense. He’s not a big name like White or Young, but he fits in well with the team. Morant gets into the paint and finishes it well, attracting the attention of the defenders. Saric could be in the corner where Morant could go for 3. If the Grizzlies can trade Saric, the gap on the team will widen. The Grizzlies’ young core is good, but adding these veterans could make the difference. While Memphis is not considered a threat, they have a young core that could make them a threat in the future. Morant will take advantage of those veterans, and that could give Memphis a top-five ranking in the regular season last season. Despite losing in the first round, the Grizzlies have had a very successful season. This was Morant’s first playoff run, and he proved to be a cornerstone of the franchise. This series has also shown that they have built a good core of youngsters in the team. If the Grizzlies can make this trade this season, the team will be even better next season.

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