Was Bayern Munich’s throwback kit to blame for their shock DFB Pokal exit?

Bayern Munich put on a good show on Wednesday night when they took part in the German Cup with a special hand-painted retro jersey designed by none other than singer, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams.

This elegant group is part of a capsule that Farrell and his creative ensemble Humanrace unveiled last year. There were several nostalgic shirts, also recycled, for some of Europe’s biggest clubs, including Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus.

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It’s probably unfortunate that Byrne lost on the night and against weaker competition.

The Bavarian giants were eliminated in the 2nd Bundesliga by second-placed Holstein Kiel in the second round. The Bundesliga team fought back from two goals down in normal time to draw 2-2 and eventually beat the visitors on penalties.

The omens weren’t good for Bayern from the start, as the jerseys’ design was based on the club’s internal kit from the 1991/93 season – a kit that sadly left the club with nothing.

It looked good, but history soon repeated itself, with the red and blue jerseys once again falling victim to bad luck. Holstein Kiel held on to win on penalties, beating Manuel Neuer 6-5 on each occasion.

During the 1992-93 season. Bayern finished second in the Bundesliga, with Werder Bremen taking the title by one point. Bayern were also eliminated in the second round of the DFB Cup, losing to Dortmund on penalties.

The 1991/92 season was also rather disappointing for Bayern: They finished 10th in the league. In the cup, it was all over after just one game – they were eliminated in the second round, this time with an embarrassing 4-2 home defeat to second-placed Minning Homburg.

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Losing, as in 1992, the Mirror missed the headlines on Thursday morning.

From jerseys to retro chic, Torrentsheidung for video films – a sensation for Holstein – FC Bayern and football club despite the country https://t.co/ZMYXSyzZmM pic.twitter.com/PldgCf7D4B

– DER SPIEGEL (@derspiegel) January 13, 2021

Jersey in retro chic, goal decisions as before the introduction of the video referee, Bayern suffered a sensational cup defeat in Holstein-Kiel in the style of the early 1990s.

Worse, Bayern, whose first team is valued at €891 million ($980 million) while Kiel cost just €17.6 million ($19.3 million) according to Transfermarkt, actually lead 2-1 as the tie between the two sides came into play in the 95th minute. The game entered the final minute of regulation time at the Wundernino Arena.

Then they collapsed when Kiel captain Hauke Wahl, 26, scored the spectacular equalizer after 94:12 minutes.


Therefore, we have ❤️ #DFBPokal.
That’s why we have ❤️ football pic.twitter.com/P2h2ikw33t

– DFB section (@DFBPokal_DE) 13 January 2021

Wahl’s header was the last goal Bayern have conceded in a competition since the 2017/18 DFB Cup final, when Eintracht Frankfurt sealed a decisive 3-1 victory with a late goal (95:23 minutes).

But the late goal was not the last of the drama, as both teams then took all five kicks before Bayern’s Marc Roca stopped his effort and Fin Bartels scored the winning goal for Bayern.

The last 16 Ahoy! ⚓

No, it wasn’t a dream. That’s when @Holstein_Kiel took Bayern out of the #DFBPokal pic.twitter.com/f6877bYmsh

– DFB section (@DFBPokal_DE) January 14, 2021

Bayern are going through a difficult time right now…. at least by their highest standards.

With the win over Borussia Monchengladbach in the league and Wednesday’s cup injury, Hansi Flick has already lost twice in 2021 (until January 13), having only lost one game in the entire year 2020.

It is also the first time in more than two decades that Bayern has been eliminated in the second round of the DFB-Cup. The last time that was the case was in 2000, when they were eliminated against third division Magdeburg, also in a penalty shootout.

Let’s hope they do a little better against Freiburg on Sunday afternoon. Perhaps a return to traditional standard household appliances should be the first item on the agenda?


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