United States vs. Panama – Football Match Report – November 16, 2020

Giovanni Reyna, Nicolas Gioachini and Sebastian Soto scored their first international goals on Monday evening in their 6-2 victory over Panama in a friendly match in Austria.

The second youngest American team to take the field – with an average age of 22 years and 154 days – had a brilliant start to the game, but they were down 10 minutes when Jose Fajardo, who saw Alejandro Godwood’s header from a cross, beat Zack Steffen and put Panama in first place.

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Ten minutes later, the Americans returned to the game when Rayna scored from the free kick by Yunus Musa on top of the penalty area, which was picked up by the Panamanian defence after a good run.

This goal, the first of Rayna’s career in the United States, was achieved just days after her 18th birthday.

Gioacchini then scored the first international goal from the vanguard and bounced back from behind against Uli Llanes of Panama after a failed game.

The United States persevered and scored 3-1 in the 26th minute, with Joaquini scoring his second goal from close range after a clean slate in the penalty area.

After the match, midfielder Dortmund Reyna reported the goals from his teammate Joaquini: I think Nico did what he had to do. You saw in the first game that we could have missed a striker in the penalty area. Bravo, we’re happy for him.

Fault! The file name is not specified. United States of America celebrates AP Photo/Ronald Zack

It was nice to end the camp that way. I can’t wait to see them again soon.

Panama came down two goals from the break and looked dangerous in the first quarter of the second period, but failed to score another goal.

Gioacchini had the chance to do so with a night hat-trick, but he missed the penalty area after the Panamanian Oscar Lynton whistled a ball into the penalty area.

Panama drew a save for the 80-minute sign in a bizarre order where Fajardo broke into the U.S. Zone, beating only Steffen and reaching 3-2 with his left-sided volley.

Substitutes Soto and Richie Ledesma postponed the game shortly after the Panamanian goal. The first scored in the penalty area on a cross from the second and went home to make his first score in the American senior team.

And Sebastian Lletgett took a 5-2 victory before leaving full-time with his own title, before Soto fell back to second place in Ledesma to cross the finish line.

Moussa’s midfielder was the first American to play several U18 games after his debut against Wales. Muse will be the 29th. November 18th.

The boys are very happy with his stay in the camp, the boys have treated him well, says US manager Gregg Berhalter of Moose, who has yet to officially decide where he will play internationally between the US, England or Ghana. All we want is to create a good environment in which the actors can trust, which is good for their development.

Eventually he and his family will decide [who he represents]. We’ll be there to answer questions, but it’s up to him.

On Sunday, Berhalter hinted that the team would play another friendly before the end of the year, probably at home.

Berhalter also called Joaquini, who plays for Caen’s Ligue 2 team, to congratulate him after the match.

He’s a great guy. I had a lot of conversations with him that led to this result, the American manager said. I guess you could say he was a little scared. My job was to tell him he was good enough to give him confidence. He’s given us what I think we’re a little short on Wales.

It’s a good thing we have it. It’s a pity he didn’t perform a hat-trick in his debut, but it’s certainly a great achievement.

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