Chelsea news: Cole criticises Tuchel for attack on Abraham and Hudson-Odoi

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Thomas Tuchel was unhappy with his Chelsea team after the draw against Southampton (Photo: Getty Images)

Thomas Tuchel has openly criticized Tammy Abraham and Callum Hudson-Odoi after Chelsea FC’s 1-1 draw at Southampton on Saturday. He took the latter off the bench and replaced him again, which Joe Cole said was the wrong move.

The Blues dominated the match at St Mary’s, but were unable to exploit their advantage despite ending the match with 71% ball possession.

Chelsea remain unbeaten under Tuchel, but the German is far from satisfied with the performance of his strikers, as their only breakthrough came from a Mason Mount penalty kick.

Hudson-Osoi replaced Abraham at halftime, but was then replaced by Hakim Ziyeh in the 76th minute. Tuchel said Abraham “could not make his mark on the game” and was unhappy with Hudson-Osoi’s energy.

Former Chelsea star Joe Cole is not convinced that Tuchel’s decision to bring down a substitute and insult his own players on camera was the right one.

“It’s a very solid track and this is his first peak moment,” Cole told BT Sport.

We knew from his reputation that he was strong, that he would make decisions, and that’s brave, because Callum didn’t have a good game when he came in, but in that position you can change the momentum.

Thomas Tuchel on Tammy Abraham and Callum Hudson-Odoi.

“I’m not worried about Tammy, it’s not because of the injury.

“He had a hard time showing his quality and we weren’t satisfied with the last 20 meters. ”

Tammy couldn’t make her mark on the game, so we changed the formation a little bit and brought in Hudson. But with Hudson, I didn’t like the energy, the attitude and the back pressure, so we decided to take him back because we ask a lot from him.

We demand 100%, and I felt he was not in the right frame of mind to help us.

So today’s decision is a difficult one for the players, but tomorrow it will be forgotten and he will have every chance to start the game against Atletico.

“Sometimes during the week we have watched Messi and of course I don’t compare Callum to Messi, but he has been there and he gives you a moment of magic. Callum can give you a moment of magic, we know that.

But for him to say that he is not satisfied with his energy is a bold gesture by Tuchel and a gamble. It is well known that Chelsea’s dressing room has been fragmented by all the changes over the last decade.

I doubt it was necessary at this stage to antagonize a player who might play for you on Tuesday night.

Maybe it’s the genius of the manager, Callum starts on Tuesday night and gives us the performance of his life, but he’s a fantastic young player who will be angry tonight, you see him come off the pitch and he’s angry.

“Tuchel has made this decision and I think it’s a message to her team, but it’s brave, because Callum will not be happy.”

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Cole feels that Tuchel has only acted as he sees fit to get the best out of his players, but he feels that the dismissal of Hudson-Odoi was the wrong decision.

He had five or six weeks to get to know the players and he did it because he thought it was the right thing to do at that time,” said the former England international.

It is very important to bring a player into the game and then take him out of the game. He sends a message and you must live or die with your message.

“The way the dressing room reacted to Calum….brave, I haven’t seen many managers do that, especially this early in the day.

I don’t know if it’s the right decision. Keep Callum in the field, I think he can do something, take him out and we’ll talk about it. It’s hard to understand.

Thomas Tuchel explains why he was “unhappy” with Chelsea Dritsch against Southampton.

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