Tips for Parking in Philadelphia

The parking situation in Philadelphia is taken so seriously by the Parking Authority that it was the subject of a reality television show. The last thing that anyone in Philadelphia needs is to find a ticket from the Philadelphia Parking Authority or a boot on their vehicle because of previously unpaid fines.

As you’re enjoying your time around the city, there are some important tips that you should consider related to parking. These can help you to avoid potential problems with the Parking Authority.

Watch the Signs

Parking signs can be difficult to understand in Philadelphia. Instead of just guessing what they mean, try to decipher them. If you absolutely can’t make heads or tails of what the signs mean, find somewhere else to park. Some parking signs, particularly in neighborhoods, might be stuck in the ground because they’re temporary. Be sure you keep an eye out for those because you risk getting towed if your vehicle is in the way of street cleaners on a posted day.

Check the Curb

Colored curbs signal parking regulations. For example, blue refers to handicapped parking, and red refers to fire hydrants. You must park at least 15 feet from a fire hydrant. Additionally, don’t park on any sidewalks or too close to intersections.

Pay the Meter

Many parking places in Philadelphia have parking meters. Be sure that you put enough money into the meter to cover the time you’ll be gone. It’s usually best to add a little extra so you don’t have to try to rush if you’re running close to the time of expiration. You never know when something interesting or a long line at a popular attraction will make your outing take longer than you expected.

Airport Parking

Anyone visiting the Philadelphia airport knows that parking can be a nightmare. The easiest answer to this problem is to park at Express PHL airport. This enables you to get a spot quickly, for a good rate, and in a safe location.

Bottom Line

No matter where you’re parking in Philadelphia, make sure that you don’t leave any valuables out in the open. This can help to deter thieves from breaking into the vehicle. You also need to make sure that you lock the doors of the vehicle. This simple step makes it harder for people to get into your vehicle. Once you know that your car is parked in a safe place, you can enjoy your time in Philadelphia.

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