The top 5 hidden video game gems of 2020 – Reader’s Feature

the principal art of hunting

Huntdown. Have you heard of it? (Photo:
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Reader offers lesser-known suggestions for some of last year’s most interesting games, including Huntdown and 13 Sentinels.

Unfortunately, some games in the main sections are not reported due to lack of publicity. Therefore, they are not part of the team and do not get the Game of the Year award if they perform every year. Here are a few games that went unnoticed this year, but are definitely worth checking out. Sure, you may not like them, but the following games deserve your attention:

Wintermoor Tactical Club

Comfortable is the word that immediately comes to mind with this fun and gentle step-by-step novel. The Wintermoor Tactics Club takes place at Wintermoor Academy and invites you to a snowball tournament where the losers disband their club. The stakes are high at the Wintermoor Tactics Club, but the innocence and usefulness of it is infectious and delightful. It’s reminiscent of Rockstar Games’ Bully and Persona splashdowns, among others, and it’s easy to get lost in the story and characters. The Wintermoor Tactics Club is also perfect for this time of year, especially if you’re sitting down to a cup of hot chocolate.


While Hades exploits the rogue genre with its beautiful dungeons and meticulous artistic style, Going Under struggles to get the attention it deserves. Like its predecessors, this is a game that involves dungeons, but these dungeons are also populated by a bunch of colorful monsters that can be hit on the head with a keyboard, stylus, and various other stationary objects. He manages to have a personality and a sense of style that allows you to keep going, as well as the availability of options for those who want a less demanding time.


Another game that came out with a bang, Creaks immediately attracts attention with its beautiful artistic style and ornate decor. The artwork on display has been assembled and woven into a platform puzzle that uses ancient brain matter to try and stop the pursuit of predators as they test the shaky boundaries of the game. It may be humble and short, but it leaves a unique impression that you won’t soon forget.


Released in May with little fanfare, Huntdown has secretly become the best cyberpunk shooter you haven’t played yet – unless you have, in which case you’re in luck. Retrograde in its essence and imbued with the carefree and fearless spirit of Duke Nukem, Huntdown offers players an impressive side-scrolling blaster that’s an unforgettable treat – and plenty of boss battling to provide a fair and exciting challenge. It’s more interesting than Ghostrunner, more elegant than Cyberpunk 2077, and definitely worth a try (especially in collaboration). You won’t regret it. Try thanking me afterwards.

13 hrs: Aegis Rome

Responsible for such curiosities as Odin’s Sphere, Muramasa: Demonic Blade and Dragon Crown, Vanilla Ware has once again made a name for itself with 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rome. In the West, 13 sentinels were released in September: Aegis Rome delighted the critics, but this pleasure remains rather dull and truncated by relatively low sales figures. Aegis Rim combines a nuanced story, side-scrolling adventure, and real-time strategic combat into a harmonious and entertaining mix. The characters are so appealing that they settle into your memory and allow you to fully invest yourself in what happens to them.


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