Should I book a holiday in 2021? Your travel questions answered

It’s a little vague, but you can always plan ahead (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto).

The introduction of the vaccine Covid 19 will make it easier for Britons to travel abroad from 2021.

However, there are many factors involved, so do some research before ordering a book.

Below you will find answers to your most frequently asked questions about travel.

Is it worth booking a trip now?

There are clear advantages, including better availability: the later you leave for popular destinations like Greece or Spain, or for cities that will host the new 2020 European Football Championship (11 June to 11 July), the less likely you are to guarantee your chosen dates.

Attractive discounts upfront will help you keep your wallet from getting affected.

When is it safe to book a holiday?

Experts expect vaccination to take place worldwide, with rates in Europe falling as the weather warms.

I think travel and holidays, both long and short, will resume in May, predicts Noel Josephides, director of the travel association AITO.

Noel Josephides, director of specialist travel company AITO, says you can return in May.

Should I book a last-minute trip?

This, of course, reduces the risk of your plans being thwarted by virus outbreaks in the UK, ever-changing WCAO travel lists or suddenly impossible access conditions.

There can be good deals too. The most obvious disadvantage is, again, the significantly lower availability.

What do I need to consider when booking a trip?

With travel companies, airlines and cruise lines trying to attract reluctant travellers, flexible booking policies are becoming more common.

Generally, they allow you to change, modify or postpone your trip free of charge, for example if our Foreign Office recommends a non-essential trip to your destination. Some companies even offer free cancellation within a certain period of time.

However, you should always pay attention to the fine print: Often only one new free reservation is allowed, while terms and conditions may exclude certain dates or destinations. Some of the best flexible booking rules are ranked on the Quelle scale.

A pandemic shouldn’t make you give up on the beach (Photo: Getty Images)

Do travel organizations offer special Covid rules?

Yes. Si z. B. a holidaymaker in Thuya is infected with a virus during his trip, all costs are covered. The same applies if a regional lockout occurs during the planned departure.

Similarly, and Jet2holidays offer protection against cancellation and medical claims abroad through Covid-19.

What is the best type of travel insurance?

Travel insurance companies have adapted since the beginning of the pandemic and introduced new policies, such as Trailfinders and All Clear, that cover Covid-related medical expenses.

However, almost none of these agreements cover losses due to involuntary quarantines, holiday travel cancellations, or reductions due to suspensions or changes in FCDA policy.

Is it better to book flight and hotel separately?

I’m not going to do that. As Josephides says: If you book your flight and accommodation separately, you will have two contracts with the suppliers.

A problem with one of these suppliers will not affect the arrangements with the other supplier, who will assume that the contract will continue as normal (i.e. will not offer a refund). If you book yourself, the risk of being saddled with the cost increases significantly.

Are batch transactions safer?

Absolutely. Under the Package Travel Regulations, UK tour operators holding a CAA ATOL licence offer extensive financial protection in the event of trip cancellation – not to mention additional expertise. All tour operators who are members of the IOTA or ABTA have an ATOL license.

When booking flights, it’s best to opt for a package deal (Photo: Getty Images/EyeEm).

What restrictions may apply to Covid in other countries?

Although their borders are open, most destinations now only allow travelers with proof – usually within 48 to 96 hours – of a recent negative Covid 19 test result.

Consult the government website for specific requirements for each country. While a universally accepted vaccine registry is likely in the future, it is unlikely to appear this year.

Will the holidays become more expensive?

I think, unfortunately. Tui, the UK’s largest resort company, said prices had risen by a seventh compared to 2019.

At the same time, airline capacity is being significantly reduced, and reduced seating capacity and competition are driving up fares.

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