What To Know About Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine

Scientists selected random volunteers to get a Moderna vaccine or a placebo vaccine. The court was blinded, which means that neither the volunteers nor the parties knew who got what.

Over time, some volunteers became ill with Covid-19. In order to get a first idea of how the process has developed, an independent board of experts examined the first 95 sick participants. Ninety of them got a placebo, and only five got the vaccine. On the basis of these data, the Commission estimated the efficacy of the vaccine at 94,5 %.

Even if they are approved soon, the vaccines will not be widely available to make the holiday safe. The loan… Chang W. Lee/The New York Times…

That won’t make us forget what happens next month, warned Natalie Dean, a biostatistician at the University of Florida, for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays.

If there are no major problems in preparing the vaccination, we can realistically expect a large-scale spread in the spring.

But given the fact that there are now explosions all over the country, we must act immediately. The only way to reduce the infection at this stage is to avoid large gatherings indoors, wearing masks, exercising at a distance and taking other public health measures.

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