How an Apt ‘Now Hiring’ Sign Could Help You Get the Right Candidate

How an Apt ‘Now Hiring’ Sign Could Help You Get the Right Candidate

If you are looking to hire people for your startup, you may keep in mind that the initial candidates you hire are most likely to grow along with your organization, becoming mentors and leaders. You need to ensure that you are opting for the right person. Your focus should be on cultural fit along with expertise.

According to the Entrepreneur, as more and more jobs are going remote, identifying the best candidates to hire for the vacant positions in your company is getting more and more challenging by the day. Staffing your organization could prove to be a pain particularly, in industries experiencing heavy turnovers such as retail and food service.

The good news is that it is easy to find the perfect match for your job vacancy, provided you know ways to attract the right candidate. In this context, you may consider using perfect Now Hiring Banners & signs with an eye-catching and bold statement to entice plenty of applicants. Explore the following tips to make your recruitment process seamless and successful.

First of all, you have to be clear about the content to incorporate into your hiring sign. To create an apt and informative ad, you must include:

  • Your Company’s Logo Along With Its Name: If you are placing job hiring banners or signs in various places such as, within your local community, career fairs, etc., ensure that potential candidates can recognize and even remember your brand or business. You should prominently place your company’s name and logo.
  • Job Title:Rather than using a somewhat generic “Wanted Help”, focus on targeting the right people you are looking for recruitment. You should be very specific about the responsibilities and role the candidate is expected to play. Provide a perfect job title, for instance, ‘Hiring receptionists and chefs’.
  • Requirements or Prerequisites of the Job:You should highlight the prerequisites such as experience, expertise, and availability for shift duty. Suppose relevant experience isn’t essential to make it a point to mention it clearly on the ‘Now hiring sign. You may also mention if on-the-job training will be provided or not. It is best to focus on writing very specific job requirements or descriptions.
  • Application Process:Your hiring banner or sign should necessarily explain the application process.
  • Include CTRs like ‘Inquire Within’: A good way of prompting candidates to visit your office or store, gather more info about the vacant position, fill out the prescribed application forms, and then submit their resumes. Somebody should be assigned the task of entertaining these candidates with accurate information and managing applications.
  • Incorporate a QR Code:Do not forget to incorporate a QR code for people to be able to scan them effortlessly using their smartphones. It is a seamless way of providing relevant information without incorporating unnecessarily bulky chunks of text. QR codes are instrumental in speeding up the entire job application process once you route applicants to your careers webpage.


If you remember to include all the above-discussed elements in your hiring sign, be sure to get the right candidate for the vacant job position.

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