Easy Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful

It’s not a secret that those who are planning a move may be under a lot of stress due to many reasons. It’s necessary to make all the necessary arrangements in advance, pack your stuff, reserve a rental truck, make sure to get the best movers, and much more. Still, moving can be much less stressful and bothersome than you might think. You just need to follow some easy recommendations provided below.

Make a Plan

As with any responsible undertaking, you should make a clear plan before moving to a new place. You need to be fully aware of what you need to buy, pack, or throw away before those great guys from a moving company come and transport your things to where they now belong. So, ensure you have plenty of time to do all the planning. It’s also a great idea to put your plan on paper. Even if you think you can keep everything in your mind, do create a tangible to-do list to visualize what needs to be done and ensure you don’t forget anything important. Find the best moving services Spokane – ticked. Pack your glassware – ticked. And so on. You can even create a moving folder or dedicated Google doc with your moving checklist. You can also make some important comments or add notes directly in that document. Remember that even the smallest detail can make a big difference! So, be sure to include everything you think might be important on your list.

Sort Your Items

There is so much stuff you need to pack before you can get it moved to your new home. So, how to make sure everything is packed properly and nothing is forgotten? Well, there’s a great labeling strategy that can go a long way towards helping you sort your personal belongings and valuable items. To keep track of your packing process, you will want to use colored stickers or numbers to label your boxes with packed items. Say, you can mark your fragile things with red stickers or use a traditional fragile mark label to ensure your parcels are handled with care. You can also come up with your own labeling system to mark your clothes, cosmetics, documents, and other belongings. It would be better off putting labels on both sides of your boxes. This will spare you the bother of turning them around in search of the necessary information. And finally, you may want to opt for convenient storage containers that are very popular these days. You may even get transparent ones not to have to open them to learn what’s inside.

Be Consistent

Packing and moving aren’t something you want to do in haste. As it has already been noted, you need to make sure you have enough time at your disposal to organize your belongings and do all the preparations. Most people who have dealt with moving recommend starting packing two weeks before your scheduled move. Two weeks is an optimal amount of time which should suffice to pack and label all your things properly.

To ensure that the packing process goes smoothly, don’t pack random things from different rooms. Instead, try to focus only on one room at a time. Be consistent. For example, you can devote your free Friday evening to wrapping and packing your utensils and other kitchen stuff, and then spend a Sunday morning packing your bathroom stuff, and so on. You also would be well-advised to start with the rooms that don’t normally have much stuff. And then gradually move on to pack the things from the rooms that you use more often.

Get Help

Moving doesn’t have to be a challenge that you need to handle all by yourself. Undoubtedly, there are reliable people who can help you with it. Get some friends, relatives, or colleagues to grab your things from the local dry cleaner, help you pack items, declutter your garage, or carry some heavy boxes out of your kitchen. To make these tasks look and feel less boring, you can organize a cool moving party and treat your helpers once the lifting and carrying part is over.

These easy tips will undoubtedly help you make your move less stressful and hectic. Remember to put enough time and energy into this process and hire professional movers who know how to deliver your valuable items safely and soundly.

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