Climate Change Impact: What Lies Ahead?

Slowly, every region is getting impacted by climate change. Sea levels are rising as polar ice barriers disintegrate, extreme rainfall and weather events are growing more frequent in some locations, while extreme solar radiations, droughts, and dryness are becoming more frequent in nature. If we don’t take immediate climate action, these effects will only get worse.

The recent climate system-wide extent of change has been unprecedented in several centuries; it has remained uncertain. According to some of the reports, sea levels will keep rising, it may cause damage to low-lying regions and coastal communities around the world even if bold steps are taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In this article, we will analyze the road to climate change impact.

Climate and its nature of unpredictability:

Climate change impact and its nature has been a very interesting topic for all the meteorologists in the past. Many have tried to postulate the behaviour and nature of climate. While some have failed, some have succeeded but on a micro-level.

The nature of climate change impact cannot be predicted because there are various variables and factors that can cause a change in the environment. This is why monitoring the intensity of climate change impact is very difficult.

Some winds with different characteristics are fixed in the globe, such as trade wind, westerlies and easterlies wind. These winds have affected the climate in a definite manner.

On the other hand, the local winds cannot be predicted as it is affected by temperature, humidity, tide, local pollution level, amount of land used for urbanization etc. this is the reason it becomes very difficult to keep an account of climate change.

Climate change and Its Accelerating Factors:

Climate change is not a recent discovery. Global warming and global cooling have existed since the creation of our planet earth, from global volcanism to the global ice age.

In recent times, the major climate change impact is due to human factors causing natural calamities such as the melting of glaciers and submergence of low-laying archipelagos in the Pacific and Indian oceans.

The factors that are the reason for climate change impact are as follows:

  • Transportation: using petrol and diesel in cars, buses, trucks, etc.
  • Burning fossil fuels: coal, woods, petroleum and natural gases.
  • The rapid expansion of urban land
  • Deforestation
  • Expanding industrial region
  • The rapid expansion of agricultural land.
  • Construction of dams and buildings.

Climate change impact: in different regions.

It is seen that climate change impacts the different regions differently. The places which are majorly affected due to climate change are the mountainous region, coastal region, and low laying region.

The mountainous region receives frequent landslides and block disintegration in small-scale earthquakes, and some timed during little centimetres of rainfall can cause havoc in the mountainous regions.

All coastal regions are now a day suffering from unseasonal cyclones, which cause the submergence of low-lying islands. The low-lying fertile land is too facing climate change impacts as it is getting saline land and converting fertile land into a drought-prone area.

Human influence on future climate:

The analysis indicates that averaged throughout the next coming years, the global temperature is anticipated to reach or surpass 1.5°C of rising temperature and that emissions of fossil fuel gases from anthropogenic activities are the real reason for around 1.1°C of warming between 1850–1900.

This evaluation is based on enhanced observational datasets to evaluate past warming and advancements in scientific knowledge of how the climate system reacts to greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans.


The concept of climate change is real, and it is needed to be checked. The above article mentions the importance of a clean and green environment, and it encourages to be environment friendly. This firm helps in consultation with other enterprises in being eco-friendly. Our planet is home to many flora and fauna, and it is needed to be protected.

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