CBD and Covid: Does it really help?

The coronavirus turned out to be a major mishap and transformed the world. It was a difficult time, but hopefully, we later got the vaccines. It took more than a year to administer covid vaccines. Until then, everybody was brainstorming with available resources as a potential antidote.

One such promising name that came out flashing is CBD. Recently, CBD has become a global rage with products like Lazarus Naturals lotion, cream, capsules, and oils selling off the shelves like crazy. Many researchers believe there is more potential in the herb. And, it can treat symptoms of covid-19. Many specialists of live sciences are demanding clinical study for the same. There is a gap between conclusive study and actual conception regarding its capability.  So, it is pretty clear that establishing evidence will take time. But, for now, we will present the factors that led the experts to think CBD could be the one.

Before jumping into it, you should be clear that the herb is not a substitute for vaccines and medications for Covid-19. And, it was definite that smoking marijuana could never be a solution.

What gave birth to this thought?

Robin Duncan, a biochemist from the University of Waterloo, studied the host cell response.

It is an innate immune response that boosts immunity. There is no target pathogen on which it acts. It produces a cell response when an alien compound enters the body. During that study, the team of Robin and his colleagues witnessed the extraordinary performance of CBD. The herb amazingly triggered the host cell response. This property is essential for the body to fight back pathogens. It not catalyzes the response but also accelerates the secretion of required compounds. The conclusion says that cannabidiol is potent in boosting immune response. This test gave birth to the idea of its reliability for covid.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a natural extract of a cannabis plant. The plant is also known as marijuana in layman’s language. The herb is a potent treatment of mental ailments. But now, the area of its action is widening.

There are several benefits known, these are:

  • Painkilling effect
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Quality sleep production
  • Treatment of seizure
  • Treats anxiety
  • Reduces depression
  • Makes skin healthy
  • Boosts confidence
  • Increases alertness

The herb is now a crucial player in the world of psychoactive drugs.

Its advantages are increasing, every other quarter making it the top choice in the coming days.

Test on live cell

The study was launched to the next level. And the team made it come face to face with SARS COV2, the virus that causes corona. The study was done with a human lung cell. It was treated with cannabidiol in the initial stage. Later it was exposed to coronavirus.

The CBD-infused cell was compared with the untreated cell. The result was clear that the infused cell performed better than the other. The result was similar with alpha, beta, and gamma variants of covid-19.  The infused cell can withstand SARS COV replication for at least 15 hours. It suggests the results could have been better if the introduction before the virus’s action.

Test on a living organism

After getting positive results from the first test, the scientists decided to give it another shot.

This time the test took place on mice. The mice were injected with cannabinoids for seven days. After a week, the coronavirus was sprayed around their nasal passage. The virus travels through air and enters through nasal passages, as per the studies. The dosage of CBD continued for another five days. In the end, the proportion of the virus was measured in the nasal passage and the lungs.

The result after twelve days was as follows:

  • numerous cannabinoids in the lungs were reduced by 4.8 times, and in the nasal chamber, it came down by 3.7 times.
  • Upon increasing the dosage, the amount was reduced to 4.8 in the nasal section and 40 times in the lungs.
  • The injected mice showed no symptoms of C-19.

All these comparisons concern untreated mice.

Test as an immune booster

After both these tests turned positive results, scientists took the next step. This time cannabinoids came with a supporter. This test was done by blending the herb with THC. It is that compound that can make you high. It is present in recreational CBD. But, that test did not produce the desired results. Instead, the antiviral action of the herb was affected due to THC. It stopped the series of tests there.

What is making CBD a potential cure?

A study took place on the internal actions of CBD. It ascertained that the herb acts on the protective process of infected cells. Due to this, the cells become capable of fighting infectious actions. Let us understand the process:

  • Unfolded protein response: The reason viruses are infectious is their tendency to produce clones. The introduction of the herb makes the cells hold the production of copies.

Additionally, it releases interferons that drive immune response. As a result, cells fight the first-line response to the viruses. A study took place at Oregon State University, it shows:

  • Weakening of viruses: It was stated that cannabinoids could cut the severity of viral diseases. Other compounds such as cannabigerol acid and cannabidiolic acid combine with the spikes of SARS- COV. It makes the entry of viruses into the skin cells difficult.

CBD got approval from authorities to deal with the seizure effect. But later on, many studies have created a basis for legalizing the herb. Different countries have produced laws to regulate their sales and control abuse. One prominent law leading the space is the Farm Law of 2019.


Scientists are trying and testing new things to fight the pandemic. It is essential to get to a result as soon as possible. The world has already seen much destruction due to a mere virus. And in that race, CBD seems to gain some boost. But this should not excite us. The studies are left undone. We need to wait till the effect is proven. Moreover, we need to understand that nothing will replace vaccines and essential covid guidelines. CBD can be another way to inhibit the seriousness of the disease. But not a substitute for medications and vaccines.

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