5 ways to increase window security

There are many types of windows available in the market. All the windows have the same purpose which is to add beauty and aesthetic appeal to the property. It is not only that but it can also act as a security layer with the correct equipment. However, if you do not have the right equipment that can strengthen the windows, anyone can destroy the windows and breach your property. Many homeowners hire professional companies such as klarwindows.co.uk in order to install windows that can protect their homes and properties. Here are 5 ways to increase window security:

  • Contacts and sensors

Installing contact alarms or glass break sensors is one of the most common way to increase security. Contact alarms, similar to the ones used on door, sends an alert to your device when someone tries force open your property’s windows or breaks them. However, since glass windows break easily, it may not be advisable to install these. Install glass break sensors instead, they are set to send an alert at the sound of breaking glass window, or use them with the contact alarms.

  • Passive infrared

Similar to installing contact alarms and glass break sensors, you can also install infrared cameras near high-risk windows. Many professionals say video is an important resource for window security. These cameras will start recording whenever someone is walking near these windows, at the same time, a live feed or an alert will be sent to your device. These cameras can also be synced with contact alarms or sensors. Whenever, the glass window breaks, the cameras will start recording.

  • Perimeter detection

Detecting the perimeter around the property is also one the best ways to increase window security. You may even start thinking like a thief and scope your property and check other buildings as well. While doing so, it is quite essential to ask questions to yourself such as who can be your potential targets? and what the occupancy patterns look like? It is advisable to follow some of the security measures and security practices like putting a computer setup back from windows to block the way.

  • Metal barriers

Another way to increase window security is by putting wire mesh around the windows in your property. Although, this method may not be so effective as mesh can be removed easily if it is installed only on the exterior. It is quite important to remember that windows are not only for security purposes but for safety purposes as well. Hence, it is vital to install wire mesh that can only be removed from the inside.

  • Safety and privacy films

Having large windows in homes is a hot trend now. However, it allows strangers to clearly see through them. Many professionals advise to add safety films, blinds, shades and privacy tinting in order to prevent strangers from looking into your home. Some facilities and homeowners even install security glass which can withstand the impact of bullets as well as blasts. Consider installing smart electric roller blinds, you can control whether they are up or down without having to be home, this can give the appearance that someone is always home and help to deter burglars, these motorised blinds can even be made compeltely automatic with in built timers.

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